Fast Five

The 50 most memorable action movie moments

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Mar 8, 2012

Gunplay, car chases, shouting, one-liners and kung-fu — here’s our pick of the 50 most memorable action movie moments…

Escapism, invasion, sequels and resentment: the cinema trends of 2011

Ryan Lambie News
Dec 13, 2011

What do this year’s most successful Hollywood films say about our changing tastes, and how do they compare to previous years? Ryan finds out…

Fast & Furious 6 and 7 to shoot back to back

Glen Chapman News
Oct 23, 2011

Following the massive success of Fast & Furious 5, Universal has decided to allow director Justin Lin to shoot the next two instalments back to back...

10 action sequences that defy the laws of physics

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Sep 8, 2011

With the stunt-filled Fast Five out on Blu-ray and DVD this week, here’s our list of some outlandish movie action sequences that appear to defy all known physical laws…

Movie titles: the rise of the infernal colon

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 6, 2011

Numbered sequels are out of fashion, and titles are getting longer and more ungainly as a result. We chart the rise and rise of the dreaded colon in movie names…

Are sequels getting better?

Simon Brew News
Jun 6, 2011

The old mantra was that a sequel was bound to be worse than the original. But is that still the case, wonders Simon…?

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and the state of film criticism

Mark Harrison News
Jun 2, 2011

As the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean goes on to make huge sums of cash in spite of a poor critical reception, Mark wonders, what's the point of film reviews?

New trailer arrives for Fast Five

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Mar 8, 2011

A new trailer for Fast Five rumbles into view, and features all the machismo and cars you’d expect…

Superbowl trailers: Thor, Cowboys & Aliens, Super 8, Kung Fu Panda 2, Fast Five

Simon Brew Trailer
Feb 7, 2011

Catch up on more of the Superbowl trailers, including the latest promos for Thor, Cowboys & Aliens, Super 8 and Fast Five…

First Fast Five trailer arrives, features cars

Fast Five
Ryan Lambie Feature
Dec 15, 2010

Men drive cars! Men crash cars! It’s the first trailer for the forthcoming Fast Five...