Fantastic Four 2

Fantastic Four 2: "why not?", says Michael B Jordan

Mike Cecchini News
Jan 15, 2016

Creed star Michael B Jordan on Fantastic Four, and why he'd still return to play Johnny Storm in a sequel.

Fantastic Four 2 quietly removed from Fox's release schedule

Simon Brew News
Nov 24, 2015

Don't hold your breath for Fantastic Four 2 in June 2017 anymore...

Fantastic Four 2: "everything's open to discussion"

Simon Brew News
Sep 28, 2015

Fox's creative consultant, Mark Millar, on Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, and the state of Fantastic Four 2...

Fantastic Four 2: "we're figuring out what that movie would be"

Simon Brew News
Sep 15, 2015

Writer/producer Simon Kinberg confirms that he's focussed on the next Fantastic Four movie, and would "like that to happen".

Kate Mara on Fantastic Four: reviews put her off seeing it

Simon Brew News
Sep 14, 2015

The new Sue Storm looks back on Fantastic Four, describing director Josh Trank's infamous Tweet as "highly disappointing".

Fantastic Four 2: Fox still set to press ahead with the movie

Simon Brew News
Aug 12, 2015

20th Century Fox still wants another Fantastic Four movie, it seems, although it may not come as quickly as originally planned...

Fantastic Four fails at box office, Fox still committed to series

Simon Brew News
Aug 10, 2015

Don't expect Fox to surrender the Fantastic Four characters to Marvel anytime soon...

Fantastic Four director: "a year ago I had a fantastic version"

Simon Brew News
Aug 7, 2015

Director Josh Trank suggests that much changed in the final year of the Fantastic Four movie's production...