Ender's Game

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Ender’s Game review

Ryan Lambie Review
Oct 24, 2013

An 80s sci-fi novel gets the big-screen treatment in Ender's Game, starring Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield. Here's Ryan's review...

Full trailer for Ender's Game

Simon Brew Trailer
Aug 6, 2013

The full trailer for Ender's Game, starring Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford, has landed...

Three new posters for Ender's Game

Simon Brew Poster
Jun 26, 2013

Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford star in Ender's Game, and we've got a trio of new posters right here...

First trailer for Ender's Game

Simon Brew Trailer
May 8, 2013

Harrison Ford and Sir Ben Kingsley headline the upcoming movie take on Ender's Game. Here's the first trailer...

Poster round-up: Pacific Rim, Ender's Game and World War Z

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A round-up of new posters, covering Ender's Game, Pacific Rim, World War Z and the peerless Uwe Boll's latest...

Synopsis emerges for Ender's Game

Ryan Lambie News
Nov 19, 2012

Director Gavin Hood's forthcoming Ender's Game adaptation has an official synopsis. Possible spoilers lurk within...

10 sci-fi films to look forward to in 2013

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