Endeavour: Morse prequel renewed for series four

Louisa Mellor News
Feb 9, 2016

Inspector Morse prequel, Endeavour, will return to ITV for a fourth series, due to start filming in Spring 2016...

Inspector Morse: top 10 episodes

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Feb 9, 2016

A king among detective dramas, here are ten of the most complex, macabre and memorable cases faced by Inspector Morse...

Endeavour series 3 episode 4 review: Coda

Gem Wheeler Review
Jan 26, 2016

Endeavour series 3 comes to a moribund end with its final episode, Coda...

Endeavour series 3 episode 3 review: Prey

Gem Wheeler Review
Jan 18, 2016

Endeavour delivers its most unusual case yet, in an emotionally satisfying episode that's rewarding for long-time Morse viewers...

Endeavour series 3 episode 2 review: Arcadia

Gem Wheeler Review
Jan 11, 2016

Thursday's team gains a new member in this week's Endeavour, which marks a return to the show's characteristic suburban drama...

Endeavour series 3 episode 1 review: Ride

Gem Wheeler Review
Jan 6, 2016

Oxford's finest, DC Morse, is back where he belongs in Endeavour's solid series 3 opening episode...