Eli Roth

Death Wish: Eli Roth to direct Bruce Willis in remake

Simon Brew News
Jun 21, 2016

Bruce Willis remains on board the Death Wish remake, which now has Eli Roth in place to direct...

Cabin Fever review

Sarah Dobbs Review
May 13, 2016

A remake of Cabin Fever, using the same screenplay as Eli Roth's first film? Here's our review...

Eli Roth, Knock Knock, and his impact on horror

Wil Jones Feature
Jun 12, 2015

Eli Roth returns to the big screen with the Keanu Reeves-headlined Knock Knock. Wil looks back at his impact on horror...

Cabin Fever remake: the first trailer

Simon Brew News
Feb 1, 2016

A remake of Eli Roth's Cabin Fever, using exactly the same screenplay? We've now got a trailer for it...

Hemlock Grove season 2 character posters

Louisa Mellor Poster
Jul 2, 2014

Hemlock Grove season 2 arrives on Netflix on Friday the 11th of July...

Red band trailer for Hemlock Grove season 2

Louisa Mellor Trailer
Jun 10, 2014

See supernatural guts, gore and more in this new trailer for Hemlock Grove's second season...

Hemlock Grove review

Sarah Dobbs Review
Apr 23, 2013

There's no nice way of saying this, Netflix original horror series Hemlock Grove is er, not very good at all. Here's Sarah's review...

Whatever happened to the Splat Pack?

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Apr 16, 2013

From Alexandre Aja to Rob Zombie, Sarah looks back at a 2000s wave of extreme horror filmmakers, and finds out what they're up to now...

First trailer for Eli Roth horror-thriller Hemlock Grove

Louisa Mellor Trailer
Jan 10, 2013

Netflix horror fantasy series Hemlock Grove, executive-produced by Eli Roth, has its first full trailer...

First poster for The Man With the Iron Fists

Glen Chapman News
Jun 29, 2012

Rza's Kung Fu movie gets its first poster.