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Elementary episode 13 review: The Red Team

Frances Roberts Review
Feb 1, 2013

Elementary delves into military secrets in this week's very decent instalment...

Elementary episode 12 review: M.

Frances Roberts Review
Jan 11, 2013

Elementary’s M. is the best the show has offered up so far. Here’s Frances’ review…

Elementary episode 11 review: Dirty Laundry

Frances Roberts Review
Jan 4, 2013

Elementary returns from the festive break with an underwhelming case but all its usual charisma...

Elementary episode 10 review: The Leviathan

Frances Roberts Review
Dec 14, 2012

Sherlock deals with a diamond heist in this manically packed episode of Elementary. Here’s Frances’ review…

Elementary episode 9 review: You Do It To Yourself

Frances Roberts Review
Dec 10, 2012

Holmes is running a fever in this week’s middling episode of Elementary, not that it’s slowing him down…

Elementary episode 5 review: Lesser Evils

Frances Roberts Review
Nov 6, 2012

Elementary does little to defend itself from accusations of being a Sherlock copycat in this week’s lacklustre episode…

Elementary given full season order

Louisa Mellor News
Oct 24, 2012

CBS' modern-day Sherlock experiment starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu has received a full twenty-two episode season order...