Dr Strangelove

Dr Strangelove: in praise of one of cinema's great film sets

Ryan Lambie Feature
Mar 21, 2016

To mark the passing of the production designer Ken Adam, we praise one of his finest film sets: Dr Strangelove's war room...

20 movie villains and the menacing stories they tell

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Apr 17, 2015

"How do you get rats off an island?" From Skyfall's Silva to Harry Lime, we took at the menacing little stories told by 20 screen villains.

Ari Folman interview: The Congress, Nolan, Kubrick

Ryan Lambie Interview
Dec 1, 2014

We talk to director Ari Folman about Waltz With Bashir, The Congress, his Anne Frank film, and his love of sci-fi, Nolan and Kubrick...

The black and white genius of Kubrick and Sellers

Aliya Whiteley Feature
Jul 25, 2014

You don't need us to tell you Stanley Kubrick was great at making films. But there's something special about his work with Peter Sellers...

Is TV looking to movies for its remake ideas?

Tom Bond Feature
Jan 23, 2013

With TV series based on Psycho, Fargo and About A Boy announced, Tom wonders whether the future of film remakes lies on the telly...

12 doomsday scenarios from the movies

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Nov 23, 2012

With the Mayans depicting the end of the world in 2012, we look at 12 of cinema's deadly doomsday scenarios...

10 great performances by actors tackling multiple roles in the same film

Mark Harrison News
Mar 30, 2010

We celebrate some of the finest performances by actors tackling multiple roles in the same films. But is there any room for Eddie?

Top 10 Hollywood clone-offs

A nice trick if you can get away with it...
Martin Anderson Top 10
Dec 9, 2008

Why wait to make a sequel or a remake when you can just make the same film twice...?

Top 10 mad scientists

Strange love indeed - Grame Garden courting in The Goodies.
Martin Anderson Top 10
Jun 4, 2008

The fools! How could such narrow minds comprehend the vision of these geniuses? Martin runs down the ten battiest boffins in movies and TV...