Top 50 modern movie documentaries

Nick Horton Feature
Nov 13, 2015

50 fabulous documentary films, covering hard politics through to music, money and films that never were...

William Shatner interview: Chaos On The Bridge, Star Trek

James Hunt Interview
Aug 17, 2015

Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, chats to us about his Star Trek: The Next Generation documentary, Chaos On The Bridge...

EIFF 2015: Chuck Norris vs Communism review

Andrew Blair Review
Jul 1, 2015

Was there ever a more interesting movie title? Plus, Chuck Norris vs Communism does live up to its name...

How The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? came together

Rob Leane Interview
Jul 14, 2015

We spoke to writer-director Jon Schnepp and two of his producers about The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?

The Emperor's New Clothes review

Simon Brew Review
Apr 21, 2015

Russell Brand and Michael Winterbottom team up for a compelling documentary that asks sizeable questions ahead of the UK general election.

Showrunners review

Andrew Blair Review
Sep 8, 2014

How much do you know about the people who make your favourite telly shows? Showrunners will teach you more than you ever wanted to know.

EIFF: Doc Of The Dead review

Andrew Blair Review
Jun 24, 2014

Doc Of The Dead, a documentary about zombies, has its moments, but doesn't dig deep enough, reckons Andrew...

Chris Claremont’s X-Men review

Andrew Blair Review
May 14, 2014

Want to find out more about the origins of the X-Men? This new documentary goes straight to the horse's mouth...

Joey Figueroa and Zak Knutson interview: Milius

Luke Savage Interview
Nov 1, 2013

A chat with the directors of a new documentary charting the career of filmmaker John Milius...

14 great geek documentaries

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Jan 24, 2013

From videogames to special effects, here's our pick of 14 geekily great documentaries...