Doctor Who Christmas special

John Barrowman on Doctor Who return: "Keep watching!"

Rob Leane News
May 20, 2016

John Barrowman has teased that he's returning to Cardiff for a secret project soon. Could it be a return to Doctor Who?

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi on series 10, Chibnall, new companion

Rob Leane News
Jan 28, 2016

Choosing not to comment on the rumours that he’s leaving, Peter Capaldi has discussed the future of Doctor Who…

Doctor Who: The Husbands Of River Song spoiler-free review

Simon Brew Review
Dec 17, 2015

Fast, festive and fun, here’s our spoiler-free review of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Husbands Of River Song…

Doctor Who: Christmas special to get cinema release in US

Rob Leane News
Nov 12, 2015

Whovians of North America can enjoy cinema screenings of Doctor Who’s Christmas special this year…

Doctor Who Christmas special: two more images appear

Rob Leane News
Dec 17, 2015

Here is a brace of new images from the 2015 Doctor Who Christmas special, The Husbands Of River Song...

Faye Marsay interview: Glue, Pride and Doctor Who

Simon Brew Interview
Feb 23, 2015

As Glue arrives on DVD, Faye Marsay looks back at the show, as well as Pride, and Doctor Who...

Doctor Who: a brief history of story pilfering

Andrew Blair Feature
Jan 27, 2015

Doctor Who's Last Christmas was by no means the first adventure to pay homage to other stories in and outside the show...

Doctor Who: Last Christmas spoiler-free review

Simon Brew Review
Dec 19, 2014

This year's Doctor Who Christmas Special is a surprisingly scary festive tale with an exemplary cast. Here's our spoiler-free review...

Doctor Who update: Christmas clip, Moffat on series 9

Rob Leane News
Dec 15, 2014

Get an extended glimpse at Last Christmas and some Doctor Who series 9 chatter right here…