Star Wars: interactive lightsaber experience in development

Rob Leane News
Aug 23, 2016

Seemingly inspired by the Millennium Falcon’s combat remote, Disney is cooking up a lightsaber training experience...

The Little Mermaid: Disney pressing ahead with live action remake

Simon Brew News
Aug 17, 2016

Alan Menken and Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda are to put together the music for Disney's live action The Little Mermaid...

Pete's Dragon review

Mark Harrison Review
Aug 17, 2016

One of the best family movies of the year, Pete's Dragon is a flat-out delight. Here's our review...

Star Wars: live-action TV series could still happen

Joseph Baxter News
Aug 5, 2016

While the topic of a live-action Star Wars TV series seemed dead, ABC has just brought it back to life with interesting comments.

Finding Dory review

Simon Brew Review
Jul 29, 2016

Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory finally washes into UK cinemas. It has been worth the wait...

Rocketeer reboot in the works at Disney

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 28, 2016

Much-loved 90s action adventure Rocketeer is getting the reboot treatment at Disney, a report suggests...

Finding Dory: Andrew Stanton and Lindsey Collins interview

Simon Brew Interview
Jul 28, 2016

The director and producer of Finding Dory talk to us about the Finding Nemo sequel, Pixar, John Carter, and hard cash.

Star Wars: Han Solo to get a trilogy of films?

The Star Wars logo.
Ryan Lambie News
Jul 26, 2016

An anonymous insider claims that a trilogy of Han Solo spin-off movies are in the works at Disney-Lucasfilm...

Matthew Graham interview: the Star Wars live action TV show

Simon Brew Interview
Jul 21, 2016

Writer Matthew Graham takes us behind the scenes of George Lucas' since-abandoned Star Wars live-action TV show...

Star Wars Episode 8: Rian Johnson talks about his sequel

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 18, 2016

Director Rian Johnson talks about following the plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with next year's Episode 8...