David Slade

Director David Slade joins Sony PlayStation's Powers

Louisa Mellor News
Jul 9, 2014

Hannibal, 30 Days Of Night, and Twilight director, David Slade, is going behind the camera for Sony PlayStation's Powers TV series...

Bryan Fuller interview: Hannibal, elegant horror, Gillian Anderson, & more…

Louisa Mellor Interview
May 1, 2013

We chat to Bryan Fuller about Hannibal, emulsifying human eyeballs, Lucifer, and elegant vs. exploitation horror…

David Slade on his failed Daredevil movie attempt

Simon Brew News
Apr 9, 2013

David Slade chats about the Daredevil movie he never got to make...

Fox and Marvel set to make a deal over Daredevil and Fantastic Four?

Glen Chapman News
Aug 7, 2012

With a deadline to reboot Daredevil looming, Fox might make a deal with Marvel to buy itself more production time...

Daredevil loses its director

Simon Brew News
Jul 12, 2012

David Slade exits the Daredevil reboot, as the search for a new director begins...

Fresh rewrite ordered for the Daredevil reboot

Simon Brew News
Apr 30, 2012

The new Daredevil movie still seems quite a way away, as a fresh writer is brought in to take a stab at the script...

David Slade gives brief Daredevil reboot update

Simon Brew News
Dec 5, 2011

The new Daredevil movie seems like it's still on track, with a script in good shape, and updates set to follow in the new year...

Fox moves forward with Daredevil reboot

Simon Brew News
Jun 9, 2011

Daredevil’s return to the big screen edges closer, as Fox brings in a little help from the TV show, Fringe…

Daredevil 2: Robert Pattinson denies rumours, David Slade reveals more

Simon Brew News
Mar 21, 2011

Robert Pattinson puts a dampener on rumours that he might be about to play Daredevil, while director David Slade draws a line between his and the Ben Affleck-headlined version…