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What debt does Alien owe David Cronenberg’s Shivers?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Feb 22, 2016

Alien may be a sci-fi horror classic, but what about the movies that inspired it - including David Cronenberg’s debut, Shivers?

A closer look at Jodorowsky's Dune

Jules-Pierre Malartre Feature
Jul 28, 2014

Frank Pavich's documentary takes a tour of a classic sci-fi film that never was. Jules-Pierre takes a look at Jodorowsky's Dune...

HR Giger and the making of Alien

Ryan Lambie Feature
May 15, 2014

We pay tribute to the work of the late artist HR Giger, and follow the making of his masterpiece of design, the Alien...

Looking back at John Carpenter’s Dark Star

Lawrence Brookes News
Jun 19, 2011

John Carpenter and Dan O’Bannon kicked off their careers in 1974 with the sci-fi comedy, Dark Star. Lawrence looks back at a low-budget classic...

Dan O’Bannon official website launched

Simon Brew News
Jan 4, 2010

Dan O’Bannon’s widow has announced the launch of his official website, with news on the projects he was working on just before his death…

Dan O'Bannon: 1946-2009

Dan O'Bannon.
Den of News
Dec 18, 2009

One of the greats of science fiction cinema had died, at the age of 63.

The Dan O'Bannon ready reckoner

Craig Lines News
Dec 21, 2007

It's Friday, it's ready reckoner time, and, oh look, it's Dan O'Bannon again!