Maps To The Stars and the dramas of David Cronenberg

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jan 9, 2014

As Maps To The Stars gets an R-rating from the MPAA, Ryan looks at the director David Cronenberg's talent for fiercely individual drama...

The James Clayton Column: Corrupted innocence and kids going dark

James Clayton Feature
Apr 5, 2013

The release of Spring Breakers leaves James pondering the loss of childhood innocence in the movies...

Six Legs: the 80s comedy David Cronenberg never made

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Dec 14, 2012

A Ghostbusters-style movie about bug hunters and addictive insects? Read all about the quirky 80s comedy David Cronenberg never made...

The James Clayton Column: A Cronenberg Christmas carol?

James Clayton Feature
Nov 30, 2012

Is Scanners the ultimate post-Christmas dinner flick? James ponders the benefits of a Cronenbergian festive season...

David Cronenberg on The Fly and Eastern Promises sequels

Ryan Lambie News
Nov 16, 2012

As previously feared, it seems that David Cronenberg's intended sequels to The Fly and Eastern Promises will never happen...

David Cronenberg and medium-budget filmmaking

Ryan Lambie Feature
Aug 20, 2012

With Eastern Promises 2 faltering just months before production, we wonder what David Cronenberg's current situation says about indie filmmaking as a whole...

David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson interview: Cosmopolis, capitalism and more

James Peaty Interview
Jun 13, 2012

With Cosmopolis out in the UK on Friday, we spoke to director David Cronenberg and star Robert Pattinson about the making of the movie...

Cosmopolis review

James Peaty Review
Jun 13, 2012

Robert Pattinson teams up with maverick film director David Cronenberg for the claustrophobic drama, Cosmopolis. Here’s James’ review...

David Cronenberg on Maps To The Stars

Glen Chapman News
May 31, 2012

A pet project of David Cronenberg's may at last be going ahead...

A clip from David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis

Ed Kegenof News
May 3, 2012

David Cronenberg’s next film, the hallucinatory drama-thriller Cosmopolis, looks like one well worth looking out for. And here’s a new clip to get us in the mood…