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John Woo open to direct Expendables 3

Glen Chapman News
Jan 3, 2013

In a recent interview John Woo has been talking about his fondness of The Expendables and his interest in directing the third instalment.

Why the goals of action movies need to be more contained

Simon Brew News
Apr 5, 2012

As Die Hard 5 prepares to set John McClane up as saviour of the planet, are action movies losing the ability to successfully balance the stakes?

105 movie sequels currently in the works

Simon Brew News
Mar 15, 2012

Hollywood loves its sequels, and we’ve got the proof here. Meet the 105 sequels at various stages of production

The 50 most memorable action movie moments

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Mar 8, 2012

Gunplay, car chases, shouting, one-liners and kung-fu — here’s our pick of the 50 most memorable action movie moments…

The 5 most common action movie plots

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Mar 5, 2012

Behind every great action movie, there’s some sort of flimsy excuse for the shooting. Here’s our list of genre’s five most common plotlines…

Stephen Merchant interview: stand-up, Cemetery Junction, Con Air and more

Mr Stephen Merchant
Simon Brew Interview
Nov 24, 2011

As he releases his first stand-up comedy DVD, Stephen Merchant spares us some time to talk touring, movies and telly...

Con Air helmer to direct The Expendables 2

Simon Brew News
Jun 16, 2011

The man who brought us Con Air and The Mechanic is now charged with reuniting The Expendables. This sounds, to us, like a very good plan…

Music in the movies: Trevor Rabin

Glen Chapman News
Apr 4, 2011

Need a score for your barnstorming action movie? Then Trevor Rabin’s your composer. Glen salutes his finest work...

29 possible titles For Con Air 2

Con Air
Cyrus The News
Jan 26, 2011

We set our Twitter followers a challenge: could they come up with a title for the proposed Con Air 2? Turns out that yes, they could…

Simon West teases Con Air 2

Con Air
Simon Brew News
Jan 25, 2011

Get the bunny back out of the box: there’s a sliver of hope for a Con Air sequel…