Community season 4

Community: the film of Dan Harmon’s year out gets a trailer

Rob Leane Trailer
Sep 3, 2014

The trailer lands for Harmontown, the story of Community’s Dan Harmon during 'The Gas-Leak Year'.

Dan Harmon apologises for Community season 4 tirade

Louisa Mellor News
Jun 19, 2013

Dan Harmon said some nasty things about Community season 4. Dan Harmon is sorry.

Dan Harmon set to return for Community season 5?

Simon Brew News
May 29, 2013

Could the creator of Community be returning to the show in its hour of need...?

Community season 4 episode 12 review: Heroic Origins

Emma Matthews Review
May 6, 2013

It's almost over, and Emma's yet to warm to Community's fourth season. Here's her review of flashback episode, Heroic Origins...

Community season 4 episode 11 review: Basic Human Anatomy

Emma Matthews Review
Apr 30, 2013

Jim Rash airs his Jeff in this week's much improved episode of Community. Here's Emma's review of Basic Human Anatomy...

Community season 4 episode 8 review: Herstory Of Dance

Emma Matthews Review
Apr 11, 2013

Big Bang Community strikes again, in another episode that misses most of its marks. Here's Emma's review...

Community season 4 episode 9 review: Intro To Felt Surrogacy

Emma Matthews Review
Apr 17, 2013

Community turns to Avenue Q-style puppets this week, but still falls alarmingly flat. Here's Emma's review...

Community season 4 episode 10 review: Intro To Knots

Emma Matthews Review
Apr 24, 2013

Emma awards the latest Christmas-set episode of Community with a C minus grade. Here's her review of Intro to Knots...

Community season 4 episode 7 review: Economics of Marine Biology

Emma Matthews Review
Mar 25, 2013

Emma mourns the loss of Community's heart. Here's her unimpressed review of Economics of Marine Biology...

Community season 4 episode 6 review: Advanced Documentary Filmmaking

Emma Matthews Review
Mar 18, 2013

There's a glimmer of hope in this week's Community episode, which is both funny and recognisably Greendale. Here's Emma's review...