Chronicle 2

New writer hired for Chronicle 2

Simon Brew News
Apr 1, 2014

Max Landis isn't writing Chronicle 2 any more. Instead, Jack Stanley has been hired to take a crack at it...

Max Landis reveals the source of the powers in Chronicle

Simon Brew News
Nov 6, 2013

Big spoilers for Chronicle, as Max Landis reveals where everyone got their powers from...

Max Landis on his unused concept for Chronicle 2

Ryan Lambie Feature
Aug 12, 2013

Over the weekend, screenwriter Max Landis tweeted about his unused script and concepts for Chronicle 2...

Max Landis no longer involved in Chronicle 2

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 18, 2013

Screenwriter Max Landis reveals via Twitter that he's no longer involved in the sequel to his 2012 hit, Chronicle...

Max Landis gives Chronicle 2 update

Simon Brew News
Apr 10, 2013

Chronicle 2 is still bubbling along, reveals Max Landis, as he explains what's been slowing things down...

Fox not happy with Chronicle 2 script?

Simon Brew News
Oct 11, 2012

Max Landis' script for Chronicle 2 might not be going int he direction Fox is after...