Cemetery Junction

The top 25 underappreciated films of 2010

Ryan Lambie Simon Brew Odd List
Feb 27, 2014

Our series of lists devoted to underappreciated films brings us to the year 2010, and another 25 overlooked gems...

Stephen Merchant interview: stand-up, Cemetery Junction, Con Air and more

Mr Stephen Merchant
Simon Brew Interview
Nov 24, 2011

As he releases his first stand-up comedy DVD, Stephen Merchant spares us some time to talk touring, movies and telly...

The 10 most underappreciated movies of 2010

Simon Brew Odd List
Jan 12, 2011

Looking to discover some of the best films of last year that might just have flown under your radar? Here’s our round-up…

Music in the movies: the 10 best movie songs of the year

Glen Chapman News
Dec 20, 2010

With 2010 almost over, Glen rounds up his favourite movie songs of the year…

Cemetery Junction: a film that deserves more love?

Simon Brew News
Aug 24, 2010

As Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s Cemetery Junction arrives on DVD and Blu-ray, is it time to give the film a bit more of the recognition it deserved?

The James Clayton Column: Ralph Fiennes vs. the Large Hadron Collider

James Clayton News
Apr 23, 2010

After watching him in Clash Of The Titans and Cemetery Junction, James has a few things to say about Mr Ralph Fiennes...

Cemetery Junction review

Michael Leader Review
Apr 13, 2010

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant combine their talents on the big screen for the first time. Here's what we thought of Cemetery Junction...

Cemetery Junction: the new trailer

Simon Brew Trailer
Feb 1, 2010

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant give a glimpse of their next film, as the trailer for Cemetery Junction makes its debut…

Ricky Gervais interview

Simon Brew Interview
Feb 1, 2010

As The Invention Of Lying arrives on DVD, Ricky Gervais talks about the film, Cemetery Junction, the Golden Globes and more...

15 upcoming must-see movies that you might not have heard of yet

Simon Brew News
Jan 20, 2010

Most of us know the blockbusters we're going to see in the next year or so - but what about some of the smaller projects? We've picked 15 to keep your eye on...