Cameron Diaz

Annie review

Carley Tauchert Review
Dec 19, 2014

We sent our resident Annie nerd to watch the new version, that stars Quvenzhane Wallis, Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz. She wasn't impressed.

Looking back at The Mask

Wil Jones Feature
Nov 21, 2014

Jim Carrey scored one his earliest hits with comic book adaptation The Mask. Wil loved it as a kid. Turns out, he loves it now...

Red band trailer for Sex Tape

Simon Brew Trailer
Apr 1, 2014

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star in Sex Tape. Here's a rude trailer for it...

The Counsellor review

Ryan Lambie Review
Nov 14, 2013

Ridley Scott directs an all-star cast in The Counsellor, a blackly comic crime drama written by Cormac McCarthy. Here's Ryan's review...

Avi Lerner provides update on The ExpendaBelles

Glen Chapman News
Oct 28, 2013

The all-female take on The Expendables is targeting Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich and, er, Meryl Streep...

Ridley Scott's The Counsellor: new trailer

Ryan Lambie Feature
Aug 20, 2013

Michael Fassbender heads up a sterling cast in Ridley Scott's thriller, The Counsellor. Here's a new trailer...

Gambit review

Michael Leader Review
Nov 23, 2012

An all-star cast attempt to breathe life into the timeworn farce with Gambit. The results, Michael writes, are less than stellar...

Exclusive: brand new poster for Gambit

Simon Brew Poster
Sep 21, 2012

Colin Firth. Cameron Diaz. Alan Rickman. And there appears to be a lion involved, too. Here’s the poster for Gambit…

Bad Teacher DVD review

Dave Adamson Review
Nov 7, 2011

A great cast and some fine performances give risqué comedy Bad Teacher a boost, but it’s still not a great film, Dave writes…

Bad Teacher review

N P Review
Jun 3, 2011

Cameron Diaz stars as the Bad Teacher of the title, in an enjoyable, if surprisingly nice, new comedy. Here's our review...