Black Cat

Felicity Jones on playing Black Cat in the Spider-Man movie universe

Simon Brew News
Nov 4, 2014

She's not said much, but it sounds as though Felicity Jones would be up for bringing Black Cat to the screen...

Rumour: Sony toying with female Spider-Man character team up movie

Simon Brew News
Oct 31, 2014

DC has played its cards. Marvel has played its cards. So what's Sony up to with its Spider-Man movie universe?

Sony planning female-led Spider-Man superhero spin-off

Simon Brew News
Aug 5, 2014

It looks like both the Venom spin-off, and a female-headlined superhero film from the Spider-Man universe will land in 2017.

Spider Slayers and Black Cat set for future Spider-Man films

Simon Brew News
Apr 16, 2014

Exclusive: Wheels have been put in motion for the Spider Slayers and Black Cat to join the cinematic Spider-Man universe...

Avi Arad & Matt Tolmach interview: Spider-Man, Hulk

Simon Brew Interview
Apr 16, 2014

The producers of the new Spider-Man movies chat to us about their plans for the Spider-Man universe. Plus: Ghost Rider, Hulk and Statham...

Will Sony's plans for a Spider-Man movie universe work out?

The Amazing Spider-Man
Seb Patrick Feature
Jan 29, 2014

Post-Avengers, superhero movies are all about shared universes, but will that work for Sony's Amazing Spider-Man franchise?

Spider-Man 4: Anne Hathaway approached?

Simon Brew News
Nov 19, 2009

Could Anne Hathaway be signing up for Spider-Man 4? And does that mean she’s being lined up to play The Black Cat?

Spider-Man 4: Rachel McAdams isn’t the Black Cat

Simon Brew News
Nov 18, 2009

The Black Cat is still looking like the villain for Spider-Man 4. But she won’t, apparently, be played by Rachel McAdams…

Spider-Man 4: Rachel McAdams for The Black Cat?

Simon Brew News
Nov 10, 2009

Has Sam Raimi found his villain for the upcoming Spider-Man 4?

Top 10 comic book heroes that deserve their own game

Harry Slater Top 10
Aug 24, 2009

As Batman: Arkham Asylum finally arrives, we track down 10 comic book heroes who deserve their own moment in the gaming limelight...