BBC Three

BBC releases details of impending ‘major overhaul’

Rob Leane News
May 12, 2016

The BBC website has released details it believes to be a part of the government’s White Paper on its fate...

The Fades: celebrating BBC Three originals

Louisa Mellor Feature
Feb 19, 2016

With great writing, a strong cast and a gripping story, Jack Thorne’s 2011 supernatural drama The Fades was one of the best…

The Mighty Boosh: celebrating BBC Three originals

Louisa Mellor Feature
Feb 17, 2016

BBC Three put Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding’s wilfully shambolic live act and radio series, The Mighty Boosh, on TV…

Being Human: celebrating BBC Three originals

Caroline Preece Feature
Feb 16, 2016

Next on our list of salutes to BBC Three geek favourites: Toby Whithouse's much-missed Being Human...

Gavin & Stacey: celebrating BBC Three originals

Rob Leane Feature
Feb 18, 2016

As BBC Three transitions to the online realm, we look back fondly at one of the hit comedies it spawned, Gavin & Stacey…

Torchwood: celebrating BBC Three originals

Andrew Blair Feature
Feb 15, 2016

As BBC Three goes online-only this week, we look back at some of its geek treasures. First, Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood...

BBC Three will be switched off in February 2016

Rob Leane News
Nov 26, 2015

The BBC Three channel will move entirely online at the end of February next year, the BBC has confirmed…

Class: Patrick Ness talks LGBT representation

Rob Leane News
Jun 14, 2016

Doctor Who's upcoming spin-off Class will have an LGBT lead character, it's been confirmed...

BBC 3's The Fear: Eduardo Sanchez & Matthew Giffen interview

Matt Edwards Interview
Oct 19, 2015

Gogglebox for horror nerds? New BBC 3 series The Fear, starting tonight, showcases horror shorts by amateur filmmakers...

Orphan Black season 3: UK BBC Three and iPlayer air date confirmed

Rob Leane News
Sep 23, 2015

Clone-based high concept drama Orphan Black will come to BBC iPlayer in full from tonight and to BBC Three on Sunday the 27th of Sept...