How the year 2012 helped redefine blockbuster movies

Simon Brew Feature
May 20, 2015

2012: the year the movie universe sparked, Universal struggled, and young adult adaptations really took off...

Thor 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and early UK releases

Simon Brew News
Apr 22, 2013

The trend for releasing American superhero blockbusters early in Europe is set to continue with the new Thor and Spider-Man adventures

Taylor Kitsch signs up for Exit 147

Glen Chapman News
Feb 22, 2013

After a run of box office disappointments Kitsch signs up for serial killer thriller Exit 147

The Razzies: the list of nominees

Ryan Lambie News
Jan 9, 2013

Twilight, Battleship and That's My Boy are among the nominees on this year's Golden Raspberries list...

Monopoly, Action Man & Hungry Hippos movies planned

It'll be genius...
Glen Chapman News
Oct 8, 2012

Hasbro is looking to bring more of its board games to the big screen, following this year's Battleship film...

The James Clayton Column: What to do when aliens visit Earth

James Clayton Feature
Aug 24, 2012

If aliens were to arrive on Earth, how should we greet them? As ever, James turns to the movies for advice…

The movie poster trends of 2012

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jul 11, 2012

Serious faces. Blue colour palettes. Staring eyes. Here’s a look at the most common design choices in this year’s film posters…

Peter Berg on why Battleship struggled

Simon Brew News
Jun 26, 2012

If you want Battleship 2, you need to stop watching The Avengers and go and see Battleship 1...

Tonka movie drives into production

Glen Chapman News
Jun 13, 2012

Hasbro and Sony get set to unleash another one of their properties on cinemas.

In praise of the summer blockbuster

Ryan Lambie Feature
May 15, 2012

Ryan argues that summer blockbuster movies deserve far more credit than they get…