Battlefield 4

Steam Early Access games – good or bad?

Aaron Birch Feature
Jan 27, 2014

With the success of DayZ and Rust, and more titles jumping on the bandwagon, is the retail game release looking at an unfinished future?

The 25 most annoying things about online gamers

Aaron Birch Feature
Nov 29, 2013

Playing games online isn't just about avoiding bullets, but also the F-bombs of the Internet's growing army of digital yobs...

Call Of Duty and the dwindling single-player shooter

Ryan Lambie Feature
Dec 17, 2013

As it's reported that Call Of Duty: Ghosts' story can be finished in four hours, we wonder why single-player is being ignored in shooters...

Battlefield 4 review

Kevin Pocock Review
Nov 5, 2013

Can the latest Battlefield sequel outclass its predecessor? Kevin says yes...

PlayStation 4 launch line up confirmed

Aaron Birch News
Nov 1, 2013

Sony has revealed the official launch line up for the PlayStation 4, and here it is...

How Battlefield carved its own FPS niche

Aaron Birch Feature
Nov 1, 2013

In a very crowded genre, with Activision's Call of Duty reigning supreme, how has EA's Battlefield survived?

Battlefield 4 multiplayer launch trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer
Oct 31, 2013

EA's Battlefield 4 has arrived, and here's the official multiplayer trailer to get you in the mood...

Battlefield 4, tablets, and a way forward for gaming

Kevin Pocock Feature
Oct 28, 2013

It's not just a redeployment. Kevin Pocock sees a bright glint, and it's more than just another sniper scope

Battlefield 4 open beta mobilises on October 1

Aaron Birch News
Sep 16, 2013

EA's Battlefield 4 will allow players to experience what the game has to offer in beta form very soon...