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The 30 greatest film scores of Jerry Goldsmith

Sean Wilson Feature
May 25, 2016

From The Mummy and Gremlins to Star Trek and Total Recall, we salute the work of the late, great Jerry Goldsmith...

Filming sex scenes: 13 directors and their approaches

Simon Brew Feature
Jan 21, 2016

Film directors and their crew discuss the techniques and approaches to capturing fruitiness on the big (and small) screen...

Michael Douglas: why he's Hollywood’s dark star

Tim George Feature
Oct 19, 2015

Whilst some movie stars took the lighter road, Michael Douglas very rarely has. We explore his fascinating body of work...

The fate of the $26m scripts Joe Eszterhas sold in the 90s

Simon Brew Feature
Jul 16, 2015

The 90s saw Joe Eszterhas become the world's most famous screenwriter, selling scripts for up to $4m apiece. But what became of the films?

Exclusive: CEO Alex Bafer tells us about the return of Carolco

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jan 26, 2015

Almost 20 years after it closed, Carolco is back. CEO Alex Bafer tells us about its revival and a "very big" future sci-fi blockbuster.

The rise and fall of Carolco

Ryan Lambie Feature
Mar 11, 2014

In the late 80s, Carolco was one of the biggest studios in Hollywood, but by 1995, it was gone. Ryan charts its dramatic rise and fall...

10 movies Hollywood shouldn't remake but probably will

Andrew Blair Top 10
Jan 20, 2014

Is nothing sacred? Not in Hollywood it isn't. Here's Andrew's list of 10 movies that shouldn't be remade but probably will be soon...

Cinema's most iconic items of knitwear

Louisa Mellor Feature
Sep 18, 2012

In honour of Tom Hardy’s cardigan in Depression-era bootlegging flick Lawless, we salute some of cinema’s most memorable knitwear…

The rise and fall of the erotic thriller

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jul 16, 2012

Once full of big-star actors and capable of pulling in huge audiences, the erotic thriller’s fortunes faded by the end of the 90s. Ryan charts the genre’s rise and fall…

Music in the movies: a further celebration of Jerry Goldsmith

Glen Chapman News
Oct 25, 2010

In his latest Music in the movies column, Glen returns to the work of Jerry Goldsmith, and takes a look back at his greatest compositions...