A video of a cat dressed as Bane

Simon Brew Viral Video
Apr 4, 2014

Tom Hardy's Bane, from The Dark Knight Rises, reimagined in feline form. You're welcome.

Missing Dark Knight Rises scenes told Bane backstory

Glen Chapman News
Aug 8, 2012

In a recent interview, costume designer Lindy Hemming has revealed details of scenes that didn't make the theatrical release...

The Dark Knight Rises: brand new trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Jun 19, 2012

There's a brand new, two-minute Dark Knight Rises out, which you can see in all its glory here...

The Dark Knight Rises: the history of Bane

James Peaty Feature
Jun 1, 2012

James looks back at the history of Bane, the villain Batman is currently limbering up to face in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises: first TV spot, Christopher Nolan on Bane

Simon Brew News
May 18, 2012

The first TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises arrives, and there's some more info on Bane, too...

The Dark Knight Rises: has Bane’s voice been fixed?

Simon Brew News
Apr 25, 2012

It seems as those Tom Hardy’s Bane will be perfectly audible, as new material from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is screened…

Tom Hardy on Bane and The Dark Knight Rises

Simon Brew News
Apr 16, 2012

Tom Hardy sheds a bit more light on the character of Bane, as seen in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises...

The James Clayton Column: the intertextual movie character encounter

James Clayton News
Mar 1, 2012

As McG’s This Means War pits Tom Hardy against Chris Pine, James Clayton looks forward to seeing Kirk and Bane face off in an intertextual movie encounter…

Bane: the man who broke Batman

Seb Patrick News
Jan 27, 2011

With Tom Hardy set to play Bane in the forthcoming The Dark Knight Rises, Seb provides a history of the antagonist who infamously broke Batman...