Avatar 2

Avatar sequels: “I overwrote”, admits James Cameron

Simon Brew News
Jul 27, 2016

The reason we're getting Avatar 2 through to Avatar 5? Too much writing, admits James Cameron...

Avatar sequels "like doing all three Godfather films at the same time"

Simon Brew News
Apr 19, 2016

James Cameron has been chatting about his plans to make four Avatar movies at pretty much the same time...

Avatar, and the disappearance of James Cameron

Ryan Lambie Feature
Apr 18, 2016

It’s 6 years since the release of Avatar, and still no sequel. Ryan considers the disappearance of a great mainstream filmmaker.

Avatar: now there are four planned sequels

Simon Brew News
Apr 15, 2016

James Cameron announces Avatar 5, and that Avatar 2 will not now land until 2018...

Avatar 2 and Wolverine 3 set to start shooting this spring

Simon Brew News
Feb 2, 2016

A new report suggests production on the final Wolverine film and the first Avatar sequel is edging closer...

Avatar 2 release put back, avoiding Star Wars: Episode VIII

Simon Brew News
Jan 22, 2016

James Cameron's Avatar sequel is delayed again - and it's managed to avoid a straight clash with Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Avatar sequels: James Cameron gives new update

Simon Brew News
Dec 14, 2015

"I’ve created a nice rod for my own back", says James Cameron, as he gives the latest update on his next three Avatar films...

Avatar 2 delayed by a year

Simon Brew News
Jan 15, 2015

James Cameron reveals that the Avatar sequels have been delayed, and that Avatar 2 won't be with us until December 2017.

Sigourney Weaver on her role in the next three Avatar films

Simon Brew News
May 12, 2014

Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 are all set to feature Sigourney Weaver - and she's briefly been talking about the films...

James Cameron's Avatar: five years on

Ryan Lambie Feature
Apr 30, 2014

Five years after James Cameron's Avatar appeared in cinemas, we look back at its hype, its critical backlash, and how it holds up today...