Now Disney's doing a live action Sword In The Stone too

Simon Brew News
Jul 21, 2015

Disney enlists some help from Game Of Thrones to bring Sword In The Stone back to the big screen...

Neil Gaiman’s 11 geekiest cameo appearances

Louisa Mellor Feature
Mar 18, 2015

Remember when Neil Gaiman played Jareth from Labyrinth and popped up a cartoon falafel? Step this way to see the author's geekiest cameos…

The stars who reprised Oscar winning roles

Simon Brew Odd List
Feb 26, 2016

Michael Douglas. Anthony Hopkins. Just two actors who've returned to play the parts that won them Oscars...

Is the big-budget Hollywood remake in trouble?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Sep 25, 2012

Will a mixture of audience apathy and low attendance kill off Hollywood’s love of big-budget remakes? Ryan takes a closer look...

Arthur Blu-ray review

Caroline Preece Review
Sep 19, 2011

Now here’s a treat: Russell Brand in glorious high definition. But is the film itself any good? Here’s Caroline’s review of the comedy remake, Arthur...

Arthur review

Ron Hogan Review
Apr 11, 2011

Russell Brand steps into the shoes of Dudley Moore in a new take on the movie Arthur. But is this the comedy breakthrough movie he's been waiting for? Here's Ron's review...

New trailer for Arthur

Arthur (2011)
Simon Brew Trailer
Mar 3, 2011

A second trailer for the remake of Arthur has arrived, and features Helen Mirren punching Russell Brand, the Batmobile, and horses…

First trailer arrives for Arthur

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Feb 10, 2011

Russell Brand's on hair-swishing form in the forthcoming remake of Arthur. You can view the first trailer right here...

News round-up: Big Momma’s House, Fast & Furious 5, The Thing, Arthur, Death Race, Zack Snyder

Simon Brew News
Mar 3, 2010

Beware: Martin Lawrence has confirmed Big Momma’s House 3. Plus more on The Thing prequel, the Arthur remake and the sequel to Death Race…

News round-up: Riddick, Rapunzel, Kevin Smith, Nicolas Cage, 21 Jump Street, Arthur

Simon Brew News
Feb 15, 2010

Lots of news, including Disney’s Rapunzel getting a name change, the latest on Cop Out, and Nicolas Cage’s Season Of The Witch moving to make room for Kick-Ass…