Arrow season 3

Arrow season 3 DVD review

Rob Leane Review
Sep 28, 2015

Arrow struggled to maintain the standard of previous seasons in its third run, now available with plenty of extras on DVD and Blu-Ray...

Arrow: season 4 will be 'lighter in tone'

Rob Leane News
May 18, 2015

Arrow's executive producer has been chatting about season 4, and particularly making the show 'lighter in tone.' More info here...

Arrow season 3 episode 23 review: My Name Is Oliver Queen

Caroline Preece Review
May 14, 2015

In retrospect, was Oliver's season 3 journey all a bit pointless? At least the supporting cast had plenty to offer this year...

Arrow season 3 episode 22 review: This Is Your Sword

Caroline Preece Review
May 8, 2015

Arrow's third season has been a tangle of convoluted plots and wasted characters. Let's hope things improve in time for season 4...

Arrow season 3 episode 21 review: Al Sah-Him

Caroline Preece Review
May 1, 2015

Arrow episodes that push Arrow to the sidelines are rapidly proving to be the best season three has to offer, as Al Sah-Him shows...

Arrow and The Flash: new promos tease big changes

Rob Leane News
Apr 28, 2015

Gorillas! Dinners! Characters talking! Here’s some new trailers and promotional stills for Arrow and The Flash's finale episodes…

Arrow season 3 episode 20 review: The Fallen

Caroline Preece Review
Apr 24, 2015

Stephen Amell's performance is Arrow's saving grace in the face of season three's increasingly nonsensical season arc...

Arrow: Lazarus Pit won't be used on fan favourites

Rob Leane News
Apr 23, 2015

If you were hoping for Tommy Merlyn, or other dead Arrow characters, to return to the show via the Lazarus Pit, think again…

Arrow season 3 episode 19 review: Broken Arrow

Caroline Preece Review
Apr 17, 2015

This week's episode changes the game for Arrow, which is intensifying in the run-up to the season 3 finale...

Arrow season 3: producers discuss big spoilery change

Rob Leane News
Apr 17, 2015

Up-to-date with Arrow? You can get some behind the scenes info on that big spoilery thing here, if you like…