Alison Brie

How To Be Single review

Caroline Preece Review
Feb 19, 2016

Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson star in How To Be Single. It's funny, but it's got notable problems.

Community: Joel McHale confirms no season 7 on Yahoo

Louisa Mellor News
Aug 4, 2015

Community season 6 was its final run, according to Joel McHale. Yahoo wanted season 7 but can't afford the cast...

BoJack Horseman renewed for season 4

Rob Leane News
Jul 23, 2016

Netflix's Will Arnett-starring equine comedy BoJack Horseman will return for a fourth season, it's been confirmed...

Why BoJack Horseman is the new Mad Men

Gabriel Bergmoser Feature
Jul 22, 2016

Existential angst, meditations on happiness, a deeply flawed protagonist... BoJack Horseman fills the void left behind by Mad Men...

BoJack Horseman season 2: spoiler-free review

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review
Jul 17, 2015

Fans of animated Netflix comedy Bojack Horseman will find the new run deeper, richer and funnier than the first...

BoJack Horseman season 2: first trailer for Netflix comedy's return

Rob Leane News
Jul 1, 2015

Will Arnett's sitcom star horse BoJack Horseman is returning for a second season on Netflix. We've got the trailer here...

Sleeping With Other People red-band trailer

Simon Brew Trailer
Aug 12, 2015

Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie star in Sleeping With Other People, and we've now got the red band trailer for the movie...

Community: six seasons and... now what?

Mark Harrison Feature
Jun 4, 2015

Is that the last we'll see of Community or will the hashtag become a reality when six seasons are joined by a movie?

Community season 6 episode 13 review: Emotional Consequences Of Broadcast Television

Mark Harrison Review
Jun 2, 2015

Community's funny, warm and self-referential season 6 finale feels like an ideal end to the series as we know it...

Community season 6 episode 12 review: Wedding Videography

Mark Harrison Review
May 26, 2015

This week's wedding-themed episode of Community is so near the knuckle, it could only be made on the internet...