Adrianne Palicki on the failed Wonder Woman pilot

News Louisa Mellor
18 Dec 2013 - 07:32

Her Wonder Woman pilot didn't make it out of the gates, but Adrianne Palicki has no regrets and her sights set on another superhero role...

The years after a project has failed are often when hindsight and revelations emerge from the woodwork. Bitterness and regret sometimes escape from the PR machine as a sense of 'what really happened' drifts towards the public.

Adrianne Palicki, the lead in NBC's failed Wonder Woman pilot in 2011, has no such stories to tell (well, it's unlikely she would. The Friday Night Lights actress can't afford to not look grateful for opportunities at this early stage in her career). Though the pilot didn't make it out of the gates, Palicki describes playing Wonder Woman as "one of the coolest things ever" in a recent interview with IGN. Does she have any regrets about the pilot's failure?

“I wouldn’t say regret. I was devastated when it didn’t go and it was expected to. It was one of those things that was shocking. But in retrospect it was probably a blessing. It would’ve been a really hard thing to shoot. And I got to wear the costume - I should say, I got paid to wear the costume! So not many people get to say that. [...] Maybe someday down the line I’ll get to play that character or another awesome icon again."

When told that fans were waiting to see her return to the world of superheroes, Palicki has one icon in particular on her list: "I'm waiting for Supergirl". 

David S. Goyer and co., did you hear that?


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