CBBC's Wolfblood renewed for series 3

News Louisa Mellor
21 Oct 2013 - 18:01

CBBC's tremendous supernatural drama, Wolfblood, is to return for a third series next year...

If you don't know that we're huge fans of CBBC's Wolfblood by now, then we obviously need to get better at shouting stuff from rooftops. To sum up, it's great, we love it, and the fact that we fall so far outside of the eight-to-twelve-year-old CBBC demographic we may as well be on another planet puts us off not one bit.

Wolfblood is smart, funny supernatural UK drama with an admirable head on its shoulders and a beating, human heart. Some 'adult' dramas could learn a great deal from it.

The show has just aired its series two finale in the UK, and the pain of it leaving our screens has been soothed somewhat by the (frankly unsurprising, considering the high standard of the second series and its growing popularity) news that series three is on its way. Due on CBBC next year, fans will be able to find out what happened to Maddy's pack after the eventful series two finale.

To its creators and cast, our congratulations. See you back in Stoneybridge.

Read more about Wolfblood at Den of Geek, including an interview with writer/creator Debbie Moon, here.

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