Wizards Vs Aliens series 2 details revealed

News Louisa Mellor
18 Sep 2013 - 13:26

CBBC's Wizards Vs Aliens is returning for an extended run of 14 episodes this autumn, and here's what to expect...

Series one of CBBC's Wizards Vs Aliens lacked for neither vim nor ideas. The first twelve episodes of Russell T Davies and Phil Ford's magical sci-fi mash-up proved their willingness to experiment with styles and storytelling, and in the words of our reviewer, unwillingness to talk down to their audience, something crucial to excellent children's programming (see Wolfblood for more on that).

Wizards Vs Aliens' second series, fourteen episodes of which are soon to arrive on CBBC, should see the show's identity bed down even further, establishing its characters and themes on an expanded canvas. 

The BBC has released details of series two, which will see young Tom and Benny "meet new Aliens, new Wizards, and face their greatest challenges so far. With the Nekross threatening their most powerful attacks yet, it's more important than ever that Tom and Benny work together to ensure the survival of both wizardkind and the Earth."

The wonderful Russell T Davies had this to say on the show's return: “It's a delight to be back on CBBC with a series which is wilder, bolder, deeper and funnier than ever, taking us from suburbia to the wilds of Tibet, encountering spaceships, magical worlds, haunted castles and galactic wars along the way. And at the centre of it all is the most important thing of all - the friendship between two boys, as junior wizard Tom and his best friend Benny fight to save the world. Magic and science are a combustible mix - and this year it's going to explode!” 

We'll bring you an air date as soon as it arrives. In the meantime, read our series one reviews and interview with co-creator Phil Ford, here.


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