Warehouse 13 season 4 episode 13: The Big Snag

Review Jennifer Cates
16 May 2013 - 10:53

Jennifer says this noir-flavoured episode of Warehouse 13 is great fun...

This review contains spoilers.

4.13: The Big Snag

A really enjoyable episode where we see Pete and Myka doing a campy, but surprisingly charming Casa Blanca, and the rest of the team touching on Artie’s guilt and seeming desire to end his life dramatically. We’ve also got some Galaxy Quest cameos here with the appearance of Missi Pyle and Enrico Colantoni, and the effect is a great one. They play at turns a convincing and hilarious version of two star crossed lovers, sort of, trying to make it in a hard boiled world. Missi Pyle in particular is a wonderful addition to the episode, and her rendition of “After You’ve Gone” is a special touch in an already stellar show.

If there was one criticism I would have to make, it would be that everything in this episode is borrowed from other amazing works, and while I loved every minute of it, it’s difficult to write a review on themes that have been used so often and in so many ways.

We start with Pete and Myka cleaning up errant static electricity balls in the warehouse with some kind of electricity absorbing elephant. Something goes wrong, as it always does, and they get zapped into an unfinished novel by noir novelist, Anthony Bishop. AND EVERYTHING SMELLS LIKE FUDGE! (A lovely nod to the very first episode of Warehouse 13) Myka is a fan of the author’s works (of course) and knows all about the unfinished manuscript and the author’s death. She’s the one who helps navigate them both through the gritty crime novel and ultimately discovers that Bishop himself is trapped inside of it.

It was a lot of fun to see Myka get into the noir scenes; as the straight woman to Pete’s goof ball, it’s rare that she gets involved in the camp of the episodes, but here she outshines Pete in scene after scene. Eddie McClintock pulls his weight, and their chemistry is as good as ever (the scene with them dancing at the Indigo club was fantastic), but I would say this episode definitely goes to Joanna Kelly for the best performance. Her standout scene is her interrogation of Lily Abbot. There are so many great elements here, and Kelly carries the scene perfectly. In the end, Bishop gets his woman and Pete and Myka exit through the fog. A fitting end to our romp through the genre.

The shorter half of the episode sees Claudia, Jinx and Artie out on a ping to find a car thief who manages to make expensive and rare cars disappear. What we are getting is a real sense of where Artie is psychologically, and it’s a bad place. Multiple times in the episode he needlessly risks his life, and by extension Claudia and Jinx’s lives, and goes crazy on the car dealer when trying to get information. In the end, a concerned Jinx turns to the regents and speaks directly to Mr. Kosan.

 Things take a turn when Kosan tells Jinx that it’s time for the regents to act on Artie’s problems. Jinx speaks strongly against any rash actions, no one wants to see Artie bronzed or hologram-ized, but the regent is insistent that Jinx not worry, all will be handled. A bit cryptic for this viewer’s taste, we’ll have to keep a close eye on Kosan and the regents to see where this will go.

There’s great camera work here with the black and white scenes, and I like the fades between the two story lines, from black and white to color. There is 70’s car chase music at one point which made me giggle. The transition back into the novel with the written chapters is fun, and I also love, love, LOVE the old 40’s style Warehouse 13 title sign. A final mention goes to Myka’s noir outfits. It’s not normally me, but I love it when Joanne Kelly gets to dress up, they give her seriously killer outfits and this episode has some of the best.

A great episode with some really special moments, or maybe I’m just a fool for a good noir theme. Join in next week to see what awaits our team. I’m hoping they start in on some story arc action. Until then!

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