Warehouse 13 season 4 episode 12 review: Parks And Rehabilitation

Review Jennifer Cates
8 May 2013 - 08:15

Warehouse 13 takes on the dark subject of terrorism, but the result is unbalanced. Here's Jenni's review of Parks and Rehabilitation...

This review contains spoilers.

4.12 Parks and Rehabiliation

This week’s episode wasn’t the strongest we’ve seen from Warehouse 13. We have some good closure over Leena’s death and a peek at how things will run in her absence, but the main artifact plot wasn’t that engaging, went in some strange directions, and didn’t even bother to explain the artifact itself. Also, while I love the use of popular culture gags in the show, this episode seemed to be overstuffed with them, perhaps in an attempt to lighten the rather dark subject of terrorism.

The main plot for this week dealt with eco-terrorism. While I normally applaud the writers' handling of sensitive subjects, this episode felt like they couldn’t decide how they felt about the bombing of sites and equipment you don’t approve of. The one man who was convicted and sentenced for the group’s crimes died in prison, even though he was probably in his early thirties, one woman died of cancer, two of the members were murdered by a vengeful brother, and the last member was a sympathetic character who served no prison time and justified her actions by saying she was young and idealistic. Lines like “do you ever have any regrets over the whole, you were by definition a terrorist, thing?” seemed flippant, while the killing off the rest seemed extreme.

Still, we had some strong points here. Pete did well in his usual role as comedic relief, and while the Yogi Bear thing played out early, his speech to the regents in the beginning was by turns moving and giggle inspiring, and his use of Ferngully made me actually laugh out loud. The writers also get major props for The Lorax meets Red Dawn, but lose them again with the extremely heavy handed advertising for Prius and Bing.

The second half of the episode took us through Artie’s process of dealing with Leena’s absence in the Warehouse as well as his own misplaced anger, sorrow and fear over his involvement in her death. As he goes through the Warehouse performing Leena’s usual chores, we see a bit more of the Warehouse, Jinx battle a gargoyle, and how items are placed when Artie attempts to find a location for the porthole from the airship Norge. A magic meditation circle reads the artifact’s energy and gives instructions on where it should go in the Warehouse. It’s nice that the job goes to the resident Buddhist, Jinx, and it was fun to see Myka, Artie, and Jinx working together to put the Warehouse in order. Also the magic circle thing was a pretty cool addition.

The final scene where Claudia and Artie make up is lovely, and it gives Artie the courage to watch Leena’s video signature statement. Watching the video and apologizing to Leena on screen seems to give him the closure he needs. I like the final shot of a smiling Leena. I’m still unsure that she’s permanently gone, and wouldn’t be surprised to see her spirit enter into another episode or two, but she does seem to be permanently deceased, and for that I am sorry.

So, we have not caught another glimpse of our infamous Count of St. Germain, and Claudia has dropped a hint of a mystery over her stabbing of Artie. What it is the regents didn’t ask about will surely come back around to us this season. We’ll see more next week, and I’ll see you then! 

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