Warehouse 13 season 4 episode 3 review: Personal Effects

Review Jennifer Cates
8 Aug 2012 - 07:22

A lighter episode harking back to the Warehouse 13's earlier days, read Jennifer's review of Personal Effects, here...

This review contains spoilers.

4.3 Personal Effects

We’re back in the swing of things in this episode with enough team members to split up and find the remainder of Sykes' arsenal.

Pete opens up our episode with some typical funny Pete action, trying to get everyone on the same page regarding snacks and thirty-minute power showers at the B&B before Artie comes in with the ping. When Steve figures out that the ping is from an artifact that belonged to Sykes, Pete and Myka are sent to find the cache of artifacts he left behind.

After their leads run into an explosive pawnshop, the rest of the team is called in, including Leena. It was fun to see her in this episode. I’ve always liked the idea of all the artifacts carrying psychic energy and it was good entertainment to see her freak out over artifact placement this time around. Once the list was split and everyone was off in their separate directions it was a fun ride to the end.

Claudia and Steve working together again was a nice reunion and they approached it with their now familiar banter. Along the way we discover the downside to the metronome, which seems to be that whatever injuries Steve gets, Claudia feels his pain. I can see this getting very dark down the line. After last season dealt with moral questions surrounding torture, I expect that the writing team have something equally disturbing up their sleeves for this. Still, we’re kept laughing through incidents with peeping toms and “killer” birds.

Leena and Artie’s artifacts were arguably less fun than the other two, a violent violin from Napoleon and a rage-inducing set of golf clubs from Bobby Jones. The golf club gave us some good insight intothe suppressed anger Artie’s built up over his years at the Warehouse, which seems to be coming to a head due to his current stresses over his use of the astrolabe. Leena is, of course, disturbed by this and tries to get Artie to open up and share how he’s feeling with someone, even if it’s not her.

This puts the number of people who have commented on or noticed Artie’s odd behavior up to three, however there doesn’t seem to be any follow-up. Pete hasn’t said anything about his concern from last episode and I’m still waiting to see H.G. around. After Artie argued to get her back on the team in the season premiere, you’d think that she’d actually be on the team. She’s the one who seemed the most perplexed over Artie’s seemingly psychic knowledge of Sykes and the bomb in the season opener and would be a good person to get the truth from Artie.

Overall this episode was fun in an 'earlier seasons of Warehouse 13' kind of way. The wayward bad guy who uses his newfound evil powers to evil up some good for his dying brother was a bit clichéd, but the search for the other artifacts were entertaining vignettes. I’m always a fool for the overall arc of the season, so I’m excited to see the next episode picking that up and Brother Adrian back on the roster. Until then!

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