Utopia series 2 trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor 23 Jun 2014 - 06:05

Here's the first trailer for Utopia's highly promising second series, coming to Channel 4 in July...

A brand new series of the darkly comic conspiracy thriller Utopia is coming to Channel Four this July, written by Dennis Kelly (Pulling, Matilda: The Musical) and lead-directed by visionary Marc Munden (The Devil's WhoreThe Crimson Petal And The White). 

Utopia series two reunites what's left of the gang to tackle the big, unanswerable questions of the first, with just as much style, just as many surprises and grimly comic moments, and - judging by episodes one and two - even more bloodshed. For fans of the first run, it's simply not to be missed.

Here's the first trailer for Utopia series two, or 'Utopia Squared' as the new logo would have it. Not a bad description, that.

Read more about Utopia on Den Of Geek, here.

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Oh yes...

Well that looks terrific

Cannot wait.


I was a bit depressed watching the last Fargo until I saw this trailer, and then all hints of despair melted away- I want it, I want it now!

The only thing now on my mind is what else can they shock us with? Series 1 had pretty much everything the Daily Hate despises (and lacked the sex scenes they love
so much) so where now?

Wilson Wilson lives!

Yes but WHEN in July? Its an awfully long month.

''Keep an eye on me'' - classic!

Yes. Yes. And.. Yes!

Yes please!

But the man in the yellow suit died didn't he?

Wilson Wilson appeared to shoot him in series 1- but It was unclear if the shot was fatal...I did suspect he may not have actually killed him. Interesting...

I like how Arby seems to be eating healthier food. It appears it took Jessica's comments to heart.

First of scifi no one is really dead, they can always be bought back.

Yeah cheers, true you can never write any one off dead... At first in the trailer I thought Arby was just imagining him (going more mental) but with him talking to Wilson also that has thrown me right off...

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