Exclusive: Utopia series 1 in 3 minutes

Viral Video Louisa Mellor
5 Jun 2014 - 08:30

Need a refresher on Utopia's first series before the second arrives on Channel 4 in July? Then step this way...

In 2013, Dennis Kelly's six-part Utopia splashed acid yellow all over a particularly grey January. The Channel 4 drama invited us into a Grant Morrison-ish world of global conspiracy theories, evil scientists, and moral philosophy. It upset a few people along the way, chiefly those of the Daily Mail variety, but also won a dedicated audience who've been itching for a return visit since it went away.

That return visit, in the form of a six-episode second series, is coming to Channel 4 this July. If you've yet to catch up on series one, you're advised to do so forthwith by visiting 4oD, where it's currently available in full.

If you did catch it the first time around, then enjoy this spoiler-y three-minute refresher clip. Warning, contains scenes best avoided if you're still eating your breakfast egg with a spoon...

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