Exclusive: Utopia series 1 in 3 minutes

Viral Video Louisa Mellor 5 Jun 2014 - 08:30

Need a refresher on Utopia's first series before the second arrives on Channel 4 in July? Then step this way...

In 2013, Dennis Kelly's six-part Utopia splashed acid yellow all over a particularly grey January. The Channel 4 drama invited us into a Grant Morrison-ish world of global conspiracy theories, evil scientists, and moral philosophy. It upset a few people along the way, chiefly those of the Daily Mail variety, but also won a dedicated audience who've been itching for a return visit since it went away.

That return visit, in the form of a six-episode second series, is coming to Channel 4 this July. If you've yet to catch up on series one, you're advised to do so forthwith by visiting 4oD, where it's currently available in full.

If you did catch it the first time around, then enjoy this spoiler-y three-minute refresher clip. Warning, contains scenes best avoided if you're still eating your breakfast egg with a spoon...

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FANTASTIC! I didn't know there was to be a second series.
A real gem that passed a lot of people by unfortunately, if my peer group is anything to go by.

Great news! I loved Utopia's first season. Hope the next one will be just as good. Maybe better. One of the most original shows in recent years.

Hmmm. Muted enthusiasm for the return of what was, for me, a very stylish, well shot TV series, that wasn't nearly as clever as it thought it was. Predicating the central mystery on pages plucked from a barely glimpsed manuscript meant that many of the plot developments felt very convenient and unearned.

Was the comic ever published alongside the show? So viewers could puzzle over the clues too? Because a three second shot of a particular page or illustration, followed by some exposition about what it all signified, felt like poor storytelling to me.

Hopefully they'll fix this is the second series, because otherwise it had a lot going for it.

The first season was such a surprise gem. Please though in season 2 leave the children alone lol.

One of the main reasons I like Utopia so much is that it is indeed conpletely barmy. The plot is outlandish to say the least, the visuals are at times very odd. The characters are all very strange in their own way and the music is one of the weirdest soundtracks I've heard. Rather than take a barmy premisse and try to pass it off as realistic Dennis Kelly rellished it's wierdness and turned this very odd premisse into a very odd, intentionally quirky and at times downright surreal thriller series. For that alone I think the guy deserves an Emmy. But I can see why it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. After initially watching it I did some free advertisement foor the show and got a couple of mates to watch it. And while some liked it just as much as I did other were far less enthusiastic so it is a bit of an acquired taste I guess.

Sand, chillies, bleach, spoon. The four words that ruin trousers instantly.

I can't wait for July.

This is almost always true, but sometimes it is more true than others: the soundtrack completely makes this show. I adore it in ways that I cannot really express, and it is mostly really only one song. However when it arrives it always arrives seamlessly with the on screen developments. It creeps in the background, fading up in volume and intensity, it reaches a crescendo, pauses for a heartbeat and then explodes....and at the same time the action or events on screen occur with an intensity that is perfectly synchronized.

You seem to have mis-taken the show for being something other than what it was. The comic was central to the plot, but the detail of the comic wasn't. Even the characters didn't understand the comic pages most of the time.

And therein lies the central problem for me. Watching a group of (often unsympathetic) characters flounder in the darkness for several episodes tested my patience and failed to engage me. All of the major reveals - particularly the identity and motivations of the hidden players - were unearned and any of the characters could have turned out to be Mr Rabbit with very little change to the outcome.

I like conspiracies and impenetrable plotting , but even the most opaque and confusing plots need to provide the audience with a few chinks of light every now and again. The characters may not understand the ramifications of the manuscript, but the viewer should have some idea of what they're bumbling into, if only to heighten the tension. I'm not saying it should have given the audience everything - ala Columbo - but I think series one relied too often on shock tactics to drive the plot, rather than an actual plot.

I enjoyed it, for sure, but it could have been so much more engaging with a few tweaks.

The only UK drama I have enjoyed in a long while

It was rather annoying that just like every other TV series nowadays Series 1 ended open- ended with a view to a possible second series, which at that time may not have been a definite. It would be nice if, just occasionally, series makers had the guts to actually use a full stop.

Prettily filmed, although rather too much reliance on the Coen style wide shots, It did make me wonder if Neil Gaiman, to whom it owed so much, couldn't have made a better job of it all.

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