Meet the new cast members of Utopia series 2

News Louisa Mellor 16 Oct 2013 - 09:21

Rose Leslie, Ian McDiarmid and more have joined the cast of Dennis Kelly's Utopia for its second series...

Wonderful things are afoot. Not only is BBC Three's In the Flesh currently filming its second series, but Channel 4's Utopia has also set to work on the first block of episodes for series two.

Dennis Kelly's unsettling conspiracy drama is returning next year with six new fifty-minute episodes, including - in Kelly's own words - "a very odd" series opener, "which people are either going to really like or really say ‘what the fuck did you do that for?’ and I’ve got no idea what the reaction’s going to be".

Director Marc Munden, who was responsible for establishing Utopia's impressive style in series one, is back to head up the first three episodes of series two.

Also returning for the second series are Fiona O'Shaughnessy (Jessica Hyde), Alexandra Roach (Becky), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Ian), Adeel Akhtar (Wilson Wilson), Oliver Woollford (Grant), Paul Higgins (Dugdale), Neil Maskell (Arby) and Geraldine James (Milner). Joining that talented lot next year will be:

Rose Leslie

Best known for her Game of Thrones' role as Wildling Ygritte, Rose Leslie also appeared in ITV's Downton Abbey before moving North of the Wall.

Who could she be playing? If Leslie's Utopia role requires her to speak in her own cut-glass English accent (she's technically posh Scottish), we wonder if she could be playing a daughter to Geraldine James' Milner. The physical resemblance is certainly there...

Ian McDiarmid

What a perfect fit this makes. With James Fox and Stephen Rea out of the picture, there could be a distinct lack of sinister older gentlemen in Utopia's second series. Enter Ian McDiarmid, most recognised these days for his fantastic work underneath prosthetics as Star Wars' Emperor Palpatine.

Who could he be playing? We've no idea of course, but we'd be surprised if McDiarmid turned out to be anyone too cuddly...

Tom Burke

If you didn't see Tom Burke in Mike Newell's Great Expectations as all-round toff bastard Bentley Drummle, or as Bill Kendle in sadly defunct series The Hour, you'll know him next year not only for his Utopia appearance, but also as Athos in the BBC's Three Musketeers, opposite a certain Peter Capaldi.

Who could he be playing? A government employee? Another Mr Nobody embroiled in the Network's plans? Corvadt's Head of Shady Science and World Domination? Your guess is as good, if not better, than ours...

Michael Moloney

A fixture on the stage and small screen for decades now, Michael Moloney most recently popped up in the BBC's By Any Means, and before that, opposite Amanda Hale as Sir Henry Stafford in The White Queen.

Who could he be playing? There's a kind of avuncular charm to Moloney, so we'd like to peg him as a white hat. Though in Utopia, very little falls into such reductive categories...

Trystan Gravelle

Mr Selfridge's (do they though? Sell fridges? An oldie but a goodie, there) Trystan Gravelle is also joining the Utopia gang. 

Who could he be playing? Our only clue so far is that Gravelle is Welsh, which may link him to Alexandra Roach's Becky, though we should note that actors have, from time to time, been known to adopt an accent that isn't natively theirs, those spoilsports.

We'll keep you posted on more from Utopia's second series as it arrives.

Read what we know so far about Utopia series 2, here.

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That's because I'm not American, I've never been to Albuquerque (let alone spell it) or have a meth habit.

i loved breaking bad. but last couple of eps were a bit predictable.
utopia simply blew my mind.

There killing off everyone fact

after waiting so long for these 6 epsiodes every 12 months plus, who can even remember what the show was about, something about a comic book, who knows lost interest waiting for more episodes, oh well, wait in three years and just watch it at once!!!!

Nah, just enough to solve the overpopulation crisis.

Agreed - I've been told by the world and his wife that BB is the best thing since sliced whatever and as a result I kind of...don't feel I need to watch it, y'know?
Thank God for shows like this - underground, underappreciated, terrifying, weird, bold...quietly brilliant.
No disrespect to Bryan Cranston, mind. Incredible talent.

What? The season left off with countless questions left to be answered. And Homeland was based off an Israeli series called "Hatufim". The American version deviated from the original, but both were written with more than one season in mind.

Really? It looked like they could have wrapped everything up in an episode if they had liked. Seemed to me that the intention was to have Brody use the vest and so show Carrie was right all along.

I thought spoilers weren't allowed in here for other shows????

I haven't got round to Homeland yet, so thanks for that.

It aired two years ago and was everywhere at the time, if you managed to avoid spoilers this long, why did you read a comment responding to a comment about the show?

Because I was reading comments about Utopia - a show I had just got around to watching. Thought the discussion was about that!!

Is there any chance of season 2 ever starting?

nice one mate

Is this ever coming back

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