Under The Dome season 2 episode 6 review: In The Dark

Review Frances Roberts
5 Aug 2014 - 23:38

Here they are, the winners and losers of this week’s Under The Dome episode, in their very own awards ceremony…

This review contains spoilers.

2.6 In The Dark

Awards season may be over in Hollywood, but for one week only, we’re dishing out shiny gongs to the most notable parts of this week’s Under The Dome. A round of applause, please, for our winners and nominees…

Most easily-resolved environmental threat of the week: Dust storm-induced suffocation, which is definitely, absolutely going to kill everyone in Chester’s Mill until they spray water on it so it doesn’t.

Rebecca Pine’s most disinterested explanation of an easily-resolved environmental threat of the week: “The acidity in the red rain must have fried the top-soil. Or something [shrugs] it’s fine, we’ll probably fix it with a Mad Max sort of windmill thing made out of science and whatever”.

Superfluous additional emergency of the week: The tunnel cave-in, which chose rubble over character development and mild peril over dialogue that doesn’t sound as if it should be being delivered by Joey Tribbiani in Days Of Our Lives.

Unwieldiest political debate personified by two squabbling characters: Democracy vs. Autocracy – which is better? As brought to you by Julia (in the democracy corner) and Big Jim (in the autocracy corner). Results were inconclusive.

Most dramatic irony in an uncle/nephew exchange: “Killing people is no small thing” Sam told Junior. “You’ve done that?” asked Junior. “Of course not” said Sam.

Most ludicrous egg-related moment of the week: Lines from Melanie (“Why am I even here, because I’m connected to some egg?”), Sam (“The egg started screaming”), Barbie (“You’ve known about the egg since 1988”) and Melanie again (“The egg knows we’re here. I can feel it. It’s like it’s waiting”) are all admirably ludicrous, but the winner is Egg-Cam, that moment in the lake when we experienced Chester’s Mill from the first-person perspective of the egg itself. Breath-taking.

This week’s best homage to an existing TV show: Finding a hellmouth underneath the high school was a warm and wonderful way for Under The Dome to tip its cap to Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  

Loudest explosion: Lyle’s booby trap had the element of surprise (and bonus points for injuring Junior), but Julia and Rebecca’s science lab boom beat it for thunderousness.

Most dramatic life-saving: Sam pulling Barbie up that cliff wins for being a traditional, actual cliff-hanger, making it instantly better than Sam pushing Barbie out of the way of that debris, and Big Jim finding Benny the skater’s asthma inhaler.

Big Jim’s best line: “Is there a brain under that hair?”

Tightest shirt to be tucked into a pair of Levis of the year: Big Jim’s. Bravo, man. That shirt is tight.

In-episode line that best evokes the experience of the Under The Dome viewer: “It’s all pain”.

Normal reviewing service will be resumed next week.

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