First footage of Stephen King's Under The Dome

News Louisa Mellor 2 Apr 2013 - 08:15

Take a look at the first footage from this summer's 13-part Stephen King adaptation Under The Dome right here...

We're counting on new thirteen-part adaptation Under the Dome to ease our passage through the bleak summer TV months (well that, and the concluding run of Breaking Bad), and this fairly exciting first look at the show does nothing to change our expectations. 

Based on a Stephen King novel, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, adapted by Lost's Brian K. Vaughan, and with a pilot directed by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Niels Arden Oplev, Under the Dome has potential up the wazoo. Take a glimpse at some early footage and a King talking head below:

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Read the book last year and was quite impressed and I'd certainly give the adaption a go as it certainly wouldn't have fitted into a two hour telemovie...

Something to pass 13 weeks of the 7 months til season 4 of walking dead. **spoiler I wonder if they keep the religious aspect, the supernatural I.e. visions aspect, and the alien aspect. It's like King couldn't decide on which to use so he used all 3

I hope this is a big success and they decide to tackle The Stand next. I think cable TV is the natural home for Stephen King's larger novels where they can flesh out the characters and story and not have it cut to shreds due to time constraints. I'm not too worried that CBS are developing Under the Dome for TV because barring the "Dome" aspect of the story the rest is just a micro version of the US. The story is driven by human events as opposed to supernatural happenings. The far right versus liberals, pollution, the powerful taking advantage of the needy etc. I'm looking forward to this...

Just hope that the bad guy gets a better send off than in the novel. Bit of a damp squib ending for him in the book.

In the end it will be done by ........Aliens

I havent read it. But the idea of aliens trapping us in a dome sounds cool so I hope they emphises the alien origonl of the dome near the end

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