Donald Glover lands animated role as Ultimate Spider-Man

News Rob Leane
27 Aug 2014 - 07:41

Community actor Donald Glover will finally play Miles Morales, aka Ultimate Spider-Man…

Actor and rapper Donald Glover has finally been given the chance to portray Miles Morales, an alternative universe Spidey, and a character he inspired in 2010.

At the time, when the idea of a black Spider-Man was already being developed, comics scribe Brian Michael Bendis said that, "I saw him in the costume [Glover had donned Spidey PJs in an episode of Community] and thought, 'I would like to read that book.' So I was glad I was writing that book.”

Now, Morales’ version of Spider-Man is getting an animated appearance, and Glover will voice the character. He will appear next year in Spidey-verse, a crossover story in the Disney XD Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors series which will see Peter Parker meeting many of his alternate versions/replacements. This is also said to include Iron Spider, Spider-Man 2099 and Peter Porker, the Amazing Spider-Ham.

"Spider-Man is the best because you just don't know who he is, and he's funny and he's poor," Glover said. "I understand Spider-Man a lot on that level. He's just trying to make it."

Speaking of a live action appearance, Glover added that "I still have hopes to do something like that one day,” before clarifying that “I don't look at this as second place. Spider-Man, he's such an icon — you have to do something with him."

For now, we’re looking forward to the animated appearance. More news as we hear it.


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