Is Two And A Half Men filth?

News Louisa Mellor
27 Nov 2012 - 11:21

Young star Angus Jones seems to think so. In a recent online video, the actor urges people not to watch the show...

The life decisions of former Hollywood child stars aren't renowned for their sagacity, and career-wise, Two and a Half Men star Angus Jones' public insistence that people shouldn't watch his show is something of a doozy. 

In a video made for the Californian Forerunner Christian Church, Jones urges his audience to stop filling their head with "filth" and more or less accuses the sitcom that's paid his wages for the past nine years of being a mouthpiece for the Devil. That's him off boss Chuck Lorre's ever-shortening Christmas card list then. 

(Unless that is, Jones is a master of reverse psychology, and this will turn out to be the ultimate publicity draw for the show since former co-star Charlie Sheen spectacularly redefined the words 'celebrity meltdown').

Two and a Half Men isn't a show we cover on Den of Geek, but the hoo-ha raises an interesting question. If TV sitcoms are brain-infecting filth, is Two and a Half Men the apogee of rot? Answers below please.


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