UPDATED: Is Twin Peaks coming back to TV?

News Louisa Mellor
3 Jan 2013 - 14:43

Garbed in the heaviest of rumour disclaimers comes a whisper that NBC could be in talks with David Lynch to revive Twin Peaks...

UPDATE: No. It really isn't. Here's what co-creator Mark Frost had to say on Twitter about the matter: "Dear Internet: You are very good at spreading rumors. Truth is more valuable and much harder to come by. Sincerely yours, @mfrost11".

In all honesty, the answer to the above question is probably: no, it isn't, but in the interest of having something to talk about on a blustery January afternoon, let's rehearse the rumour currently circulating.

According to a suspect anonymous forum post (yes, that's roughly as official as this one gets), David Lynch has been in talks with NBC to discuss a possible revival for the early nineties show that brought the world the Red Room, the Log Lady, and the world's most terrifying accidental on-screen appearance by a set dresser.

As anyone who's followed series co-creators Lynch and Mark Frost over the past twenty years will know, a third season for Twin Peaks is not outside of the realm of possibility were the network to go for one. Recently in fact, Frost told SciFi Now that reviving the show is "something we talk about from time to time… If we ever do decide to move forward, I know we have a rich trove to draw from.”

The rumour suggests that the new season of the show would revisit many of the original cast members, and be set in the modern day. For more spoiler-y information, take a look here.

Seeing as unfounded rumours hop around on the internet like fleas on a mangy cat, we wouldn't be surprised if this one dies a quiet death, but if it doesn't? That could be some damn fine news.


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