True Blood showrunner defends ‘controversial’ series finale

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29 Aug 2014 - 07:46
True Blood

With spoilers, Brian Buckner has been discussing the True Blood finale’s conclusion…

This story contains spoilers for True Blood 7.10, the series finale.

You have been warned - unless you know how True Blood ends already, please don't scroll below our spoiler squirrel Daphne for some spoilery discussion from the showrunner.

So, the final episode of vampire drama True Blood ended in a way many fans might not have expected – with Anna Paquin’s Sookie opting for neither man from the show’s central love-triangle.

Instead of Bill or Eric, Sookie ended up with an unnamed and unseen suitor, played by stuntman Tim Eulich. Despite this completely being her character’s choice, and arguably a nice subversion to expectations, certain sections of the internet were left disappointed by the decision.

Showrunner Brian Buckner has stood to his guns, though, opting not to apologise. "I don’t think there was a lot of talk about the end game other than people sitting around in a room going, 'Bill or Eric? Bill or Eric?'" he explained.

"That was the thing we were pretty leery of, because you immediately alienate everybody who likes the other guy. We chose to have it as Sookie marries every man," Buckner added.

He clarified that "we felt like it was irrelevant honestly who Sookie wound up with. What we wanted to know was that she was happy and living the life that she wanted to lead." A fair enough decision, this writer thinks.

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