True Blood season 7 episode 3 review: Fire In The Hole

Review Emma Matthews 7 Jul 2014 - 12:28

Bon Temps has never been more dangerous than in True Blood's latest episode. Here's Emma's review of Fire In The Hole...

This review contains spoilers.

7.3 Fire In The Hole

Ding dong the witch is dead! No, we haven’t lost the Divine Miss Holly, but this week, True Blood made good on its cast-cull promises, and ripped the ass, sorry heart, out of Dame ‘Unhealthy Obsession with Her Son’ Fortenberry. It seems there is a TV God after all. It wasn’t all good news though – this is the True Blood-verse, and every fantastic event has to be paid for with at least two horrific events and a very large dose of misery. The TV God giveth, and once again, the TV God taketh away...

Yes, in order for us to so thoroughly enjoy the sight of Dame Fortenberry’s still-beating heart glistening on the asphalt, we had to endure the surprisingly sad and completely unexpected sight of Alcide’s naked corpse glistening on the grass. Clearly, Sookie’s vampire-bait plan didn’t go quite as well as she might have hoped, resulting as it did in her current beau taking a bullet to the brain. The word plan is used in the loosest possible context here, as it implies that she gave the whole scheme something approaching half a frickin thought. Relying on Bill to keep her safe? What was she thinking? Even in his season one heyday, he could barely protect her from a thing, and in his present incarnation is apparently so wrapped up in nostalgia as to be completely deaf to the approach of the world’s loudest, smelliest, sickest vampires. Has Sookie learned her 'don’t trust Bill' lesson? Probably not. And while Miss Holly is now safe, albeit not quite herself, Sookie’s failed plan leaves three women and a baby chained up in Fangtasia, and fair game for anything that can smell/hear them. And with Alcide dead, Bon Temps has lost one of its best, if not brightest, lines of defence.

There is a vampire with a far better record of Stackhouse/Bon Temps rescue, but as he’s infected with the Hep-V virus, is in no fit state to be rescuing anybody. Eric Northman is however, in a fit state for killing people apparently, revenge being the only thing that could rouse him from his self-indulgent moping. Maybe self-indulgent is a little strong – given that we now know that the very corporation responsible for True Blood – and therefore indirectly responsible for his impending death – is also responsible for the death of his girlfriend. Nope, self-indulgent is exactly right. Thank God Pam knows exactly which Eric buttons to press – we can only hope that Sarah Newlin’s death will rekindle his taste for oysters.

Those Eighties flashbacks threw up two very interesting questions: one: Why the hell did Eric bend over and take the Sheriff job from a bunch of vamps that basically murdered his girlfriend? And two: Why is the Corporation after the ex-Mrs Rev Newlin? We all know why Eric wants her dead, but given that’s she’s a total hippy now, and not a danger to anything that isn’t the contents of the wine cellar – something the Corporation probably already knows –  what are they after?  It’s possible they’re just finishing the good work Bill and Eric started last season, but it’s equally possible that something altogether more nefarious is going down. There’s also a tantalising Eric/Evil Corporation deal with the devil in the offing here. Will Eric bend over once again to get what he wants? Probably. And you never know, he might even get a cure out of it... or at least some good pharmaceuticals.

At which point, he’ll probably get a visit from Laf, who has spent the entire season so far locked in his house off his tits. It’s probably safe to assume that he’ll only leave the house for the really good drugs. For the most part, the vamp/human two-handers have had interesting, funny, and in the case of Willa and the Reverend, touching moments. The Laf/faux-Jim Morrison scenes remain oddly disjointed, but given that they’re happening through a drug-fuelled haze, that’s perhaps intentional. Having said that, unless we’re witnessing the slowest, druggiest courtship in the history of television, these scenes are a criminal under-use of the genius that is Nelsan Ellis. He needs some action – of any kind – and soon.

Fire In The Hole is, without doubt, the soapiest episode so far this season. Covering everything from faith to racism, stuffed to the gills with death and despair and with shocks aplenty, this episode sees True Blood getting nicely up to speed. Melodrama abounds, and the ‘back to basics’ approach promised by Team TB for this season is definitely paying off. Sultry, sexy and topped off with a fabulous Miami Vice Mullet – Don Johnson wishes he’d looked that good – Fire has opened some fantastic dramatic doors. Vince’s merry band of bigots has proved as death-happy as it is dumb; Alcide’s exit in particular was swift and shocking. Bon Temps has never been more dangerous, and as Alcide knows all too well, it’s getting more dangerous by the second. Without wishing to sound too bloodthirsty, long may it continue... 

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So far this season, I wish they would just forget about Bon Temps and focus on Pam and Eric. I really like their parts in this story and these are the 2 best actors on the show imo.

Didn't Sam get skewered at some point just before Alcide gets it?

Are we allowed to swear on DoG?? Oh effing dare they kill the best thing on True Blood and TV ..Alcide is no more !!!!!!!!!!!! heart broken

of women are crying in agony today, while their husbands are celebrating with
great quantities of beer. loll're right..tragedy..thankfully I've kept every episode he appears naked in and Magic Mike to boast..for a rainy day you see!

I got the impression that the corporation was looking for Sarah Newlin because it holds her responsible for tainting it's golden goose: Tru Blood. The flashback scene was to demonstrate how serious they were about protecting their potential moneymaker, and given how popular it became you can see why. Now their customer base is, if not dead or killing humans, then unwilling to buy any more because of the risk of infection. And the only surviving person responsible for all that is Numi with the brown hair. Plus she killed that senior exec by feeding her to vamps last season, that may have pissed some of them off.

I couldn't have put it better myself, Bob. Sarah may be (I wonder?) harmless now, but the corporation is out to make sure that it is plain to the world at large that those who mess with it will not get off Scott Free. No Siree, not for a moment. And, sure, killing off Ms Suziki, one of the key factors in their money-making, may well have pissed some of them off. They will consider decapitation too good for Sarah.

I have heard it is a plot by Anna Paquin to get rid of all the men on the show who have bigger t*ts than she she does.

I don't think Sam was skewered. His time will come, no doubt, but they need him around for a while yet.

Hahaha and don't we like t*ts?? we do..

Both the corporation and Eric&Pam are after Sarah because she was there when they developed the virus. It might have been her idea to begin with, who knows. But none of them are after her for revenge alone. She'll provide the cure and ta-daa Eric lives. How do people not see this is beyond me.

Why? He's been as useless as Tara for years. I say he's offed next Sunday; he has bigger t*ts than Anna Paquin. XD

If Eric and Pam are the only survivors when True Blood ends I'll be a happy man. Especially if Pam tears apart Sookie's magic vag*na. loll

Sam is more likely to get out alive than Sookie and she will probably make it too. Seriously. Sam is the staple survivor character that will be there in the last few minutes of the final episode.. probably not doing much.

Did I miss the part when Lafayette losses all his super cool witch powers?

What the heck are they waiting for?!

From now on I'll only comment on new episodes with a combination of the four most popular True Blood words: f*ck, sh*t, c*nt, and c*ck.

To this episode I say: c*nt f*cking c*ck sh*t!

Works in many combinations...

This was the episode that finally lost me. This show is just beyond ridiculous now. It used to be a real guilty pleasure, but Alan Ball seems to have checked out of the process and now it's just a total sh!tshow of lazy characterisation, bad writing, plot holes you could drive a combine harvester through and Sookie becoming more and more stupid and annoying with every week ( but all the hot guys in town still are in luuurve with her off course). Ugh, nuke the town and put us all out of our misery.

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