True Blood season 7 episode 2 review: I Found You

Review Emma Matthews
30 Jun 2014 - 12:45

This week's True Blood lays the groundwork for an explosive final season. Here's Emma's review of I Found You...

This review contains spoilers.

7.2 I Found You

It’s week two of the True Blood swansong, and things have taken a very serious turn indeed. Instead of the ravenous nuisance everyone assumed they would be, the roaming H-Vamps are, it turns out, systematically massacring small towns, wiping out every citizen with complete abandon. As if the residents of Bon Temps didn’t have enough to worry about, what with DogBear Mayors, Vampire Whores and imprisoning dangerous two-week-olds, it’s now clear that they are facing possible extinction. It has to be said, though, that where Evil Vince and Dame Fortenberry are concerned, extinction would be no bad thing...

Yes, it seems that while the DogBear is away, the NRA Rednecks will indeed play. As soon as Sam had departed to investigate the last town decimated by the H-vamps, Vince was swanning around Bellefleur’s, insulting people and generally making a slimy nuisance of himself. Whipping what’s left of the town into Crucible-like levels of false accusation and revenge-taking with lightening speed, before locking up some children and playing with firearms, this man is the biggest danger facing Bon Temps at the moment. Revealing Sam’s shape-shifting is the least of Vince's crimes, and whatever he’s got coming, it simply can’t happen too soon. What’s most interesting about Vince’s comic-book villainry, though, is that his new gang is made up exclusively of minor characters, adding an extra death-factor thrill to the whole thing. With no one particularly important having joined up, the gang is ripe for many, many gory and very probably satisfying deaths when they eventually clash with the H-Vamps. The smart money says that Dame Fortenberry is a puddle on the floor before Jane Bodehouse has completely sobered up.

Speaking of bloody puddles, Arleen’s femoral artery seems to have supernatural powers of its own, killing as it did the super-noble fourth grade teacher-turned-rabid-animal as she attempted to help them. Bless Arleen, she seemed so sincere when she offered her femoral for her freedom, and all she got for her trouble was a Hep-V bath. Looks like the dungeon girls might be out of luck now though – teach was the only H-Vamp in the country who didn’t want their legacy to be bloody murder or gooey death. And with Andy’s priorities having shifted ever so slightly following Adilyn’s imprisonment, they desperately need another plan... or a frickin miracle.

That’s providing there are any miracles left for the rest of the season. It seems that Eric did indeed miraculously survive his early morning roasting, only to find himself in an even bigger mess. His usual chatty self, the reunion with his progeny was anything but joyful – the look on Pam’s face and the tell-tale marks on his chest said it all - the TV Gods giveth, and the TV Gods taketh away. If we are indeed witnessing the literal Last Days of Eric, we can at least console ourselves with his rather more healthy appearance in Jason Stackhouse’s fantasies. Clearly, Eric’s connection to the Pizza Detective – formed last season when the ex-Sheriff healed Jason’s drained body – is rather stronger than anticipated. Aside from the collective and mutual vampire/Stackhouse obsession, you’ve got to love that in Jason’s head, when Eric undresses, he does it in front of a window for all to see – even in his fantasies, the Pizza Detective is considerate of others... for a while at least. Will Jason be making some lifestyle choices this season? Laf would certainly be appreciative, but Violet might not be quite so happy...

Jason isn’t the only Stackhouse making big choices this week – Sookie, it seems, has once again decided to go rogue and flown off to Bill’s for reassurance that he’ll save her ass once again if she gets into trouble. God only knows what she’s got planned, but there’s a definite whiff of the martyr about her at the moment, and Alcide, though lovely, just isn’t smart enough to spot it.

While I Found You’s main stories continued the season’s downbeat soapiness, this week, the soap had a sharp political backbite. The eerie pleas in St Alice for government help that never materialised had chilling echoes of well-documented, real-world government ignorance, and the total lack of State or Federal response was, as is this show often is, a little close for comfort. Add to this isolation the gathering momentum of both the vigilantes and the roaming vamps, and Sookie’s quest to singlehandedly save the town, and I Found You clearly laid the groundwork for an explosive final season. Aside from Sookie’s over-identification with the dead girl from the ghost town – allowing for some slightly lazy season one flashbacks - the episode all but told us to expect a ton of death. Whether or not the rest of the season’ execution – no pun intended – matches this careful preparation remains to be seen, but so far, so thoughtfully good. 

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