UK start date for True Blood season 7 confirmed

News Simon Brew 24 Apr 2014 - 06:57

True Blood will start again in the UK a fortnight later than the US...

The final season of True Blood will be arriving on UK TV screens two weeks behind the American transmission, it's been confirmed. That's as good as it's ever been for True Blood too, as the British screening of the show has generally been much further behind.

Fox, however, has confirmed that the premiere of season 7 in the UK will take place at 9pm on Monday July 7th. In the US, the show kicks off on HBO, on Sunday June 22nd. It's still a gap, but at least it's a much smaller one.

The final season of the show will run for ten episodes.

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try coke and popcorn Thats how I watch up to date stuff

Woah loads of miserable comments here. True Blood is a good series, enjoyed by a good crowd of people here in UK. It certainly helped boost Jace Everett's whereabouts here too, which was a great move!
What's two weeks to wait for a new series, that will be the final? heh I have lesser expectations for this series though for obvious final sequence expectations.
but still. This'll be gurd =)

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