True Blood season 6 episode 4 review: At Last

Review Emma Matthews
9 Jul 2013 - 07:30

True Blood's latest episode sees it back on top form. Here's Emma's review of At Last...

This review contains spoilers.

6.4 At Last

Four episodes in and it’s already twist city in this year’s True Blood. Ben is Warlow, Jason’s on the turn, Eric’s lost his Goddamn mind and Sookie’s finally grown a pair. Say what you like about Bon Temps, but that place is never boring...

Let’s start with the revelation that somehow, Ben is a) Warlow and b) half-vampire half-faery. Aside from the obvious huh? moment, this does present an interesting turn of events for those of us who eat actual food to survive. Ben is the exact combination of species that will save the vamps, while at the same time being the one creature that can allegedly stop Bileth. The irony is quite delicious, and makes the prospect of a showdown all the more mouth-watering, if he is indeed Warlow. Particularly given that Jess has just eaten what were the last remaining full faeries in the vicinity, leaving Ben and Sookie as the only source of the blood that s/he so badly needs. Jess’ massacre of Andy’s magical children was somehow far more shocking than the Ben appears to be Warlow revelation, and in an episode full of shocking stuff, still manages to be the standout event. Jess, along with everyone else, has clearly forgotten that in vamp terms, she’s basically a new-born and is only around sixteen in human terms – while her lack of self control is understandable from that perspective, it cannot take away from the horrific shit-storm her gluttony has unwillingly created. The alone is worth the entrance fee.

Of course, Jess’ feeding frenzy only just beat Sookie’s honey trap for effectiveness. When the liquid silver had no effect, it looked for all the world that she was just going to do a Sookie and lay down for the latest vamp to be invited in. Congratulations dear girl, you’ve finally become a grown up. And not a moment too soon either – if she hadn’t found her brain when she did, it would have tipped the story too far in to the realms of fantasy. That may sound a moot point, given that this is a show about shifters, weres, faeries and vamps, but Sookie is mostly human, so thank God the writers are letting her mature a little.

Sadly, someone who won’t be doing any more growing up – in the conventional sense anyway – is little Willa the Governor’s daughter. Just when you think Eric has completely Anne Riced himself out of the picture, his big badness rears up and turns the girl into a vamp. Never let it be said that he doesn’t have a sense of humour. Hilarious practical jokes aside, there’s no way Eric turned her to get the Governor to reverse his position – the Sheriff wants war, and her turning was the shot that will make that war inevitable. Given that Pam is now serving at the Governor’s pleasure, it seems that so far, Bileth’s prediction of the true death for them all looks far more likely. Let’s hope that s/he comes up with something concrete soon, before Eric gets them all killed. Although, as Jess is now basically a daywalker, perhaps she’ll get the chance to attempt to redeem herself.

Jason however, probably isn’t going to get any such chance. If he’s no idea what he’s been part of, there’s no way he make amends. Aside from the erotic dreams – hell, gay is the only thing that Jason hasn’t tried – it does seem a shame that, as always, Jason Stackhouse is a pawn in everyone’s game but his own. Allowing Ben to drain and then banish his faery grandfather to another dimension is classic Jason, but as Niall looks more and more like Phil Spector on a particularly heinous acid trip, perhaps it was for the best. If the man couldn’t tell that there was a vampire standing next to him for two days, he most likely wouldn’t have been much use anyway. Maybe a spell in an evil dimension will sharpen his senses a tad.

Which leaves us with just enough time to talk about the enormous do-gooder killing dick that is Alcide Herveaux. More worried about his position then the fact that his ridiculous pack has just killed a bunch of humans, and now on the hunt for Sam and Emma, it seems that Mona’s prediction about power and its affect on men has entirely come to fruition. While Alcide was never known for his intellectual prowess, the mark of a man’s character is mercy, not violence. If you need proof, see Jason Stackhouse. That boy has more reason than most to have become a dick, and yet he remains the sweetest, nicest, dumbest man on TV. With any luck, someone, hopefully Jason, will domesticate and neuter that alpha male asshole in the very near future.

So, with Sookie in full control, Jess out of control and Pam under the Governor’s control, it’s been a mixed week for the women of Bon Temps. It has however been a great week for us. If the rest of this season is this good, we will have been very spoiled indeed. Welcome back to top form True Blood. We missed you last year.

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