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News Louisa Mellor 22 Jan 2013 - 06:51

Friday Night Lights, Eastenders, and 90210 alumni are moving to Bon Temps for True Blood's sixth season...

The 16th of June is the diary appointment date for our collective return to Bon Temps for True Blood's sixth season, and seeing as manners are everything in the South, we thought it was only right to introduce you to the roster of new talent joining Sookie, Eric and co. when that time comes.

First up is a familiar face for some UK viewers in the form of Eastenders' Rob Kazinsky, who is to play Ben, a charismatic faerie and yet another love interest for little Sookie. Interesting fact: Kazinsky reportedly earned the role of Fili (later filled by Dean O'Gorman) in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy, but resigned for personal reasons. 

Next comes Medium's Arliss Howard, who is set to play Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell, a politician with a deep-seated grudge against the Cold Ones after his wife ran off with one, leaving him sole care of his daughter, Willa. TV Line reports that Truman has a tendancy to let personal ambition cloud his judgement and override his humanity, like another Geek TV Southern Governor perhaps?

Which brings us neatly to 90210's Amelia Rose Blaire, in the role of Willa Burrell, Governor's daughter and vampire sympathiser. That spells family trouble, we'd have said.

Also announced to be joining the show is Friday Night Lights' Jurnee Smollet, playing good-hearted non-supe Nicole. 

Leaving us of course, with the piece de resistance, the jewel in True Blood's sordid, gory season six crown: Rutger Hauer, who will be playing Macklyn, "a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason" (regular viewers will be able to connect the dots on that one). 

Season six is of course the first without showrunner Alan Ball at the helm, his duties being taken over by executive producer Mark Hurdis.

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who are these people? why is this going so far off from the book? where is quinn?? and mr Catilades?? why are these two important characters not in it yet n these nobodys are added for frills?

Thanks for this! so looking forward to season 6 ~ waiting sucks! LOL! Arliss Howard is an amazing actor; Rutger Hauer is Iconic! *it's going to be EPIC* LOVE - LOVE - LOVE this show!!! Keep Us Posted/Updated Please :D

They need to be getting rid of characters, not adding new ones...

Exciting line up for season 6... Cannot wait..when true blood does come to an end I will read all the books!! Ha ha. It is just not possible to add all out of the book.. As far as am concerned true blood producers and cast do a fantastic job and keep me wanting more! Uk are loving it!! :-)

Who needs new characters for True blood? Especially NOT a 90210 actor...Bring on Quinn, and follow the book. :/

One of the biggest problems with the first half (or more) of season five, was the constant introduction of new characters Some simply disappeared after a few episodes, some had small story-lines other stuck around for no obvious reason. Adding all these new characters to an already expansive cast sounds like it might slow down season 6 as well. Not a good thing when you only have 12 episodes per season!

True Blood, the best TV Show, Season 5 was complex so many unnecessary things like cast and situations were added, Russel should not died so easily, I saw all the series in a week and it was the best week for me. Bill will go in the evil way in season 6, but he should return as a vampire that he was in first season respectively, Season 6 I hope to see new abilities with more thrill & horror with new powerfull villian and war between humans.

The series are based on the books, they will take the main plot but change everything else. I mean who knew that Tara would turn into a vampire or that they'd keep Lafayette. I think its good in away, at least you aren't reading every piece of detail that you're watching.

hate it when a show varies from the books and introduces "new" characters and kills off old ones, all based on "public opinion"" which is usually gleaned from mall walkers who have never watched the show or read the books and never will. HBO, stick to Charlaine Harris books and bring back Alan Ball.....PLEASE....otherwise it is pointless to watch another ripoff emulating vampire diaries and Twighlight. Charlaine Harris is the original mind behind that Stphanie Meyer and others copied and got famous from and so you really should stick with her vision! All this changing just makes the series, well, suck!
loed - 4, barely made it through 5...not sure if I will bother at 6.

Actually Hazel, Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series was around almost a full decade before Charlene Harris put out sookie. I always saw Sookie as Anita "lite". Tanya Huff had her Diana Tregarde books a couple years before that. The vampire diaries books originally came out during the late eighties and lj smith wrote some more when the tv show breathed new life into her series. Everyone copies everyone else. But I think ljh was the one that really jump started the urban fantasy genre when it comes to books and as much as I loathe it, the sheer insane popularity of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series made vampire movies and tv shows so big. We wouldn't have TB or VD without it.

When are you people going to realize that this is a TV show and NOT the book? Geesh, get a life.

I wouldn't exactly call Ben a no-body, besides he is gorgeous eye candy, yum..
If this series was just like the book what would be the point? We could all just read the book. It is called 'based on the book' not the book-live.

Well good-bye won't miss you.

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