Tron: Uprising episode 2 review: The Renegade Part 2

Review Cameron K McEwan
23 Jun 2012 - 16:36

Cameron catches up with another visually impressive episode of Disney XD's Tron: Uprising. Read his review, here...

This review contains spoilers.

1.2 The Renegade Part 2

In the last installment, we were royally cliffhanged as our hero Beck was pitted in a fight to the death with his new compadrie, Cutler, in The Games. With mutual derezzing assured, the pair are forced to duel regardless of their friendship.

But even as they batter the bits out of one another, neither can bring themselves to finish the other off - resulting in resident bad guy General Tessler (voiced by Lance Henriksen) deciding to end both their lives. Intervening is Tesler's young field commander Paige, who seems to have a thing for Beck.

Earlier in the series, we saw the two engage in some rather sexually-charged fighting and, clearly, Paige hasn't forgotten this. She seeks to save her punch-buddy and suggests to her boss Tessler that he let Beck free as a goodwill gesture but kill the other. Filled with guilt, Beck returns to his mentor Tron who pep-talks him into breaking out his heroic chum; leading to en exciting, not to mention visually arresting, number of set pieces.

On the other side of Argon City, there's the slightly less interesting sub-plot taking place featuring Beck's garage co-worker, Zed, who has foolishly let a vintage light cycle be stolen by an attractive young program, Perl.

It's interesting to see the underworld of the city and one wonders if this will play a larger part as the series continues (and as mention in in previous reviews, it's very Batman Begins).

During the denouement of both stories, there's a rather neat, almost Seinfeldian, dovetailing of the strands as both plots cross one another.

Visually, it's another corker with delightfully expressionistic scenes in the opening duel between Beck and Cutler, and a eye-catching use of colour and speed. At the other end, the daring rescue ramps up the cinematic dynamism with a top-notch boat race/battle.

The Renegade does go over some ground established in the opening tale, Beck's Beginning - notably Beck's doubts and insecurities about being a saviour. Hopefully, as the series is now engaged properly, his teen angst can take a back seat for a while for the adventures to come.

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