First trailer lands for The Transporter TV show

Trailer Simon Brew 15 May 2014 - 06:30

There's no Jason Statham as The Transporter heads for the small screen. Here's the trailer for TNT's new show...

As you may be aware, on the occasions when we're let into a room with famous people, we have a habit of asking them what their favourite Jason Statham movie is. Two answers keep bubbling to the top. One of them is Crank, and one of them is The Transporter. Neither choice is surprising, given the majesty of them both.

The Transporter, however, is continuing in two new directions, both of which are scandalously Statham-less. There's a reboot of the films for a start, which will basically be a genesis of The Transporter trilogy. And then TNT is bringing The Transporter to TV, with Chris Vance in the lead role.

The first full trailer for TNT's The Transporter - or Transporter, as it's calling it - which debuts later this year, has now landed too. And we've got it for you right here...

The Statham, meanwhile, will next be seen in The Expendables 3.

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Wasn't this shown in Europe last year. Isn't it really bad. Yes I couldn't stop watching it.

Chris: Hire a voice coach and learn to enunciate clearly.
Or change the title from Transporter to Mutterer.

Yeah, this. The very last episode was good - he loses it and you finally get an idea of how much damage he can do. The rest? entertainingly mediocre.

IKEA staff everywhere are celebrating his return in The Expendables 3 ...

It wasn't bad, but they didn't do the character justice. He is suppose
to be morally ambigious guy, in the series he is just a good guy.

This looks so very, very bad

This French/Canadian 12-part series was made in 2012 and first debuted in Germany later that year subsequently being transmitted in France, Canada and other Countries too in 2013 but not the US (Cinemax was rumoured) or UK.

It's already out on Blu-ray in Germany and France (which I have, cheaper to import than buy in the UK). The tx transmission order and edit content seems to differ across Countries too

In January 2014 it was purchased by TNT to screen in the US and a second series announced to be made starting in February

it's just not the Stath....

"First" trailer.

This is missing the nuts of the franchise, this guy is too middle class. Statham works in the role cause he seems to have found his way into a world of wealth and shiny nonsense by being excellent at driving and oily pugilism

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